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Global New Media Lab
Country: USA
Dates: 12.09.2012 - 30.09.2016
Web Site: http://www.ph-int.org/gnml/
Global New Media Lab is designed to nurture international high school students from around the globe, ages 15-17, as young digital activists, skilled in the use of innovative online and mobile tools for powerful change in communities worldwide. These students will be able to actively engage in and teach others in the use of social media and other forms of information technology for greater civic engagement.

The program will take place from fall 2012 through summer 2016. Participants will be drawn from the approximately 1,500 international high school students living in host communities throughout the 50 states and District of Columbia each year as part of one of the Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs’ high school academic programs.

07.12.2013 | GNML Online - Five Sessions Completed and 5 More to Go!
GNML Online has engaged approximately 200 students from over 45 countries since the program launched in October 2013! As we approach the start of the new year, we also mark the halfway point of our online program. With five sessions live, A-SMYLE, FLEX, and YES students have learned to work on an online classroom platform (a new skill for many!) and began creating a Social Media for Social Change Campaign related to a social issue in their home country. Thus far students have learned how to engage key constituents using Blogger and Twitter while learning how to train information to find them using RSS feeds and Google Alerts.

At the midpoint in the GNML Online program, we are excited to launch the online application for the 2014 Youth TechCamp in Burlington, Vermont on April 6-12, 2014.

Twenty-six applicants will be selected to participate in the Youth TechCamp. During the Youth TechCamp students will gain valuable leadership, public speaking and training skills. Students will exercise these skills as they develop and implement action plans that will teach others in their home community how to harness the power of social media for social change. Additionally students will also learn advanced social/digital media skills.

To be eligible for selection to participate in the 2014 Youth TechCamp you must:
* Be a current A-SMYLE, YES, or FLEX student
* Be actively participating in GNML Online - Having completed Session #1-6
* Available to travel from April 6-12, 2014
* Commit to completing the strategic action plan you develop during the Youth TechCamp and to communicating with PH International regularly throughout the 6 months following the program.

Finalists will be announced on January 15, 2014.

For more information, please contact Program Manager Stacie Clemens at (802) 496-4545 or at Stacie.Clemens@ph-int.org.
06.12.2013 | Civil Society Organizations Support PH International's Global New Media Lab
Global New Media Lab (#GNML), funded by the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, is pleased to announce the participation of numerous international organizations as Virtual Guest Speakers during the second year of GNML Online, the online component of Global New Media Lab.

The Virtual Guest Speaker component was developed to provide participating A-SMYLE, YES and FLEX students with real world applications of social media as a powerful 21st century tool to advocate for social change worldwide. Organizations volunteering as Virtual Guest Speakers in the program include Kiva.org, DoSomething.org, Charity Water, VT Response, 1% for the Planet, and Special Olympics Vermont. All organizations have created a video to support GNML Online sessions that explain their organizational use of specific social media platforms and how their social interactions impact their strategic goals.

We extend our deepest appreciation to the organizations and professionals willing to support Global New Media Lab.
26.11.2013 | 2013 GNML Alumni Teaching Others!
Twenty-six students participated in the 2013 GNML Online and Youth TechCamp components of Global New Media Lab. As part of their follow-on work they have created and implemented plans for teachers others back home how to use social media for social change.

Nathaniel Cooper has returned to Liberia and trained 20 students during the first session of his project. Included in the first session was an introduction to web 2.0, internet safety, and online etiquette. Nathanial taught students how to set up their own accounts and use Facebook, Email, and Twitter to advocate for social change. Gregory Kitt served as an inspiration speaker. He talked about the uses of social media in Canada and his personal experience using social media for a good cause. Nathanial is using the book provided during the Youth TechCamp ‘Dragonfly Effect’ by Aaker Smith to assist in this training.

Additionally during the first session, Nathaniel provided basic leadership and public speaking training using materials provided during Youth TechCamp sessions. He plans to implement a community project with trained students that advocates for social change related to a specific theme. Visit the Facebook page he has created for his project at https://www.facebook.com/pages/Youth-Exchange-and-Study-Alumni-GNML-barnga/454288964668443.

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Success Stories
18.06.2013 | Summary of 2012-2013 GNML
Over the course of six months the Global New Media Lab online training program funded by the U.S. Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and implemented by PH International sparked the interest of 572 A-SMYLE, FLEX and YES students. More than 300 international high school students actively participated Online and learned the basics of using social media for social change and greater civic engagement. During the online training program students identified social issues within their home communities and learned how to use social media platforms and technologies such as Blogger, Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Google Alerts and RSS feeds to create and promote grassroots social media campaigns that addressed these issues.
18.04.2013 | A sampling of student views on their most rewarding part ot their GNML online experience
Students in the Global New Media Lab online program learned a range of tools and techniques for using social media for a social cause. Toward the end of the program they were asked to define the most important, the most rewarding, and the most challenging part of their experience. This success story presents a few of their answers.
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