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The goal of Georgia CALLS is to prevent/reduce recurrence of juvenile delinquency and strengthen a fundamental shift within the police, courts, and communities toward restorative justice elements in the Republic of Georgia. Although Georgia has made remarkable progress in adopting policies that bring it closer to international practices in juvenile justice, there are also practices in the country that are founded in authoritative approaches with the potential to undermine restorative justice approaches starting up and generally alienate youth, leaving them more vulnerable to negative influences. As the name indicates, the Georgia Community Action and Linkages for Legal Socialization program focuses on building joint effort of government, communities, local NGOs, private sector and the international community for strong prevention programs and in support for the expansion of alternative justice approaches. Georgia CALLS will encourage schools and community groups to plan for and adopt new programs that reduce delinquency, providing access to training and materials that support those activities. Programs will cultivate police as positive influences in the lives of youth and reinforce community policing. Other components will strengthen the expansion of the Government’s pilot Diversion and Mediation program for juveniles throughout the country.

Georgia CALLS is funded by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs.

Program News

GE CALLS Collection of Games and Activities now Available Online | 4 Apr 2017

PH International, GE CALLS program has created a new resource: “Collection Of Games And Cheerful Activities.”  The aim of this tool-kit is to inspire public schools to use non-formal education methods, as a tool for improving social skills and building positive relations.

The tool-kit is actively used in one of the components of GE CALLS programs -“Kids, Police & Safety.”  The collection of games improve team performance, helps build attention, opens creativity, establishes positive relations and develops children’s thinking about several important topics.  


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Training in Community Policing in Practice | 31 Jan 2017

Georgia Community Action and Linkages for Legal Socialization Program (GE CALLS), in cooperation with Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs, organized a training – “Community Policing in Practice” that was held at Police Academy of Georgia on January 23 – 26, 2017. 

The Aim of the training was to provide a foundation in the theory and practice of community policing. Promote community-based problem- solving strategies to address the underlying causes of crime and disorder and the fear of crime. 


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‘Kids, Police and Safety’ in Batumi, Adjara | 26 Apr 2016

From May 2016, GE Calls initiative ‘Kids, Police and Safety’ will commence in Batumi.

After successfully piloting the program in Tbilisi schools, it is planned to extend it’s coverage in other regions of Georgia.

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Success Stories

Kids, Cops & Safety | 1 Jan 2016

Police officers, School Resource Officers (SROs) and teachers are engaged in games, fun activities and non-formal education sessions with elementary class students at Tbilisi schools.

It was decided to develop a new module for the students of elementary classes titled, “Kids, Cops & Safety.” This module was created to establish positive attitudes and relations between elementary school student, SROs and police officers, to increase the knowledge and understanding of students about rights and responsibilities, as well as conflict resolution methods and community safety.
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Opening of Youth Engagement Center in Borjomi | 15 Dec 2015

For the successful development of the future generation, it is vital to create positive a environment which can address children’s interests and enroll them into various activities. Unfortunately, Borjomi Youth was emboldened with the existence of the similar space.

In September, the Samtkhe-Javakheti Media Center submitted a proposal, which aimed at the creation of a Youth Engagement Center. According to the proposal, it was planned to create a space for Borjomi youth to get together, acquire new knowledge and skills, plan and implement various activities and prepare/participate in youth talk shows. By the joint efforts of GE CALLS and its grantee Samtkhe-Javakheti Media Center, the useless, abandoned venue turned into a modern comfortable workspace.
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