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Lado Apkhazava, A Civics Teacher Received National Teacher Award of Georgia | 17 Oct 2017

Lado Apkhazava, a civics teacher from the village Chibati in Guria region of Georgia, received the National Teacher Award. Award ceremony took place in the capital Tbilisi on October 5, World Teachers’ Day.
Lado credits USAID-funded civic education programs for his success: “The name of my victory is the Applied Civic Education and Teacher Training Program (ACETT). ACETT was a great professional development opportunity. I was able to carry out mini-grant project, funded by ACETT, together with my students. We learned how to identify a problem, how to mobilize supporters and advocate for the solution of the problem in front of the local Government. My participation in professional development opportunities, such as open lessons, civics teachers’ roundtables, professional learning community meetings, teacher trainings, the use of ACETT’s supplemental textbooks – all were helpful in my professional growth. Equipment, donated by ACETT helped us to start a page in social network and share our work with others; Our activities exceeded the school boundaries, students started their efforts for the benefit of the community and broader municipality. Through these activities students learned, that not only individual, but community problems are highly important as well. By taking care of the community problems, civic awareness of students is increased. This is critically important for the democratic development of Georgia.”

Students from the village Shroma Improve School Infrastructure | 26 Aug 2016

Lagodekhi municipality village Shroma public school students implemented mini-grant project to improve school infrastructure and environment.

Books are Treasure | 8 Jul 2016

As a result of the students’ advocacy, the Tsalenjikha municipality allocated 1,000 GEL to the school library for new books.

English Access Microscholarship Program | access am | 1 Mar 2016

For many Armenian students the “English Access Microscholarship Program” has truly opened doors to the many unique opportunities of personal and academic growth. Quite a number of the graduates of the program have become finalists of the FLEX program and have been accepted to other rigorous international educational programs such as the United World Colleges (UWC) movement.

Students Advocate for the Improvement of Local Infrastructure | 1 Dec 2016

Students of the Village of Matani Public School #2 in Akhmeta municipality advocated for the improvement of local infrastructure; in particular the system of potable water in the village needed renovation as there was a lack of water and its quality was not suitable for drinking. Students collected signatures of the community members and prepared a request letter addressing Governor of the village.

As the result of the students’ efforts the problem was solved quickly; a new water reservoir with filtration system was installed in the village.

Community Mobilizes to Create Civics Classroom at Alaverdi School | 25 Aug 2016

Students of Zestaponi Municipality's Alaverdi village public school, initiated arrangement of a civics class room in their school. The students shared the project goal with parents and community members and managed to mobilize them to take an active part in the project.

DRR(Disaster Risk Reduction) Simulation at Merisi Boarding School | 7 Jul 2016

On July 6th, simulation of a disaster risk reduction took place at Merisi Boarding School.

ELCE II Alumni Try Themselves as Teacher Trainers | elce | 1 Feb 2016

By the end of the first teacher training cycle, high performing alumni Khatuna Khvedelidze, from Tbilisi Public School #186, and Natela Basilia, from Tbilisi Public School #82, were given a chance to teach the final ELCE workshop to their peers instead of the ELCE Program English Language Teacher Trainer.

The purpose of the activity was to give the two high performing ELCE participant teachers a chance to try the role of teacher trainers and conduct a workshop on Extra-Curricular Activities, Team-Teaching and Sharing of Resources to their peers. It was the first time that each teacher had been given the opportunity (and responsibility) to act as a trainer. Each had positive feedback to give regarding this experience.

Rehabilitation of the Park in the village of Lafankuri | 1 Dec 2016

Civics students of the village Lapankuri public school in the Kakheti region, sponsored by a MT program mini-grant project initiated a rehabilitation of the park. Students conducted cleaning and greening actions, besides establishing close cooperation with local authorities, and they provided 1200 GEL.

Rehabilitation of Event Hall at School | 24 Aug 2016

Tbilisi public school #157 students supported by a Momavlis Taoba program mini-grant, initiated rehabilitation of the Event Hall of their school. The students managed to mobilize the school administration and parents to take active part in the project.

Wonder | am wonder | 1 May 2016

The “It’s a WONDER-Ful Life” Program has left its unique fingerprint on the lives of the participant teachers, students and their parents. It has changed their perceptions of human ability and disability. “Wonder,” American writer R. J. Pallacio bestselling novel is about a young boy with severe facial disfigurements. The program was built around this and has generated strong interest not only among those teachers and students that were selected to be enrolled in the program but also among the general population of the target schools. Many students and parents borrowed the book from the participant students or waited for the program to finish to be able to get the book from the schools’ library to read. The participant students were so strongly impacted by the lessons of the program that many of them wrote songs, poems and letters to Auggie Pullman, the hero of the novel, to celebrate his successful struggle against discrimination and highlight the importance of social inclusion.