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GE CALLS-funded Vocational Courses Start in TerovaniGE CALLS-funded Project Commences in KutaisiGE CALLS Batumi Project Trains Agents of DemocracyTraining on Safer Internet Day

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Who We Are

PH International strives toward a world where individuals and communities work across boundaries to address challenges where solutions are:

  • rooted in cultural understanding;
  • inspired by a sense of shared responsibility in each other's lives;
  • strengthened by individuals empowered with practical skills and knowledge; and
  • sustained through open communication, exchange and friendship.

PH International builds strong global communities by fostering civic engagement, cross-cultural learning and increased opportunities in the digital age. A talented, multinational staff are at the cornerstone of all these efforts. See the story of how PH began

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PH News
PH Kicks Off GE PLAY Exchange
| 02.03.2015 > More
GE CALLS-funded Vocational Courses Start in Terovani
ge calls | 26.02.2015 > More
GE CALLS-funded Project Commences in Kutaisi
ge calls | 24.02.2015 > More

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Currently we have 15 programs in 4 countries

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Staff Programs Countries Success Stories Donate PH News