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Quick Keyboard Printing training in Tokmak

Ukraine | YouthSpark Ukraine | 18 May 2017

For students and students of the Professional Lyceum in Tokmak, a "Quick Keyboard Printing" training took place. The main advantage of speed typing on the keyboard is the saved time, because, in the learning process, it is necessary to print large abstracts, courseware, etc. The method of fast printing on a computer will help to type characters and texts much faster, and thus to be less tired.
The trainer told the audience how to start by remembering the location of the keys on the keyboard. Students learned that certain keys are assigned to each finger, which greatly increases the speed and convenience of typing. Everyone tried to apply the acquired skills in practice. It turned out not so easy, because you need to rebuild your typing habits with two fingers. However, the coach encouraged the boys and girls to say that the main thing in mastering any skill is a regular training and practice. After several days of intense exercises, everyone can easily see the difference in the speed and simplicity in typing of texts.


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