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World of Arts was discovered by ACCESS campers in Syktyvkar

Russia | English Access Microscholarship Program | 11 Jun 2012

The ACCESS camp in Syktyvkar was opened from the 1st of June till the 11th of June and was based in the Syktyvkar State University. The theme of the camp was "World of Arts". Each day was devoted to a definite topic. They were: Music, Theater, Cinema, Museums, Picturing America. The aim of the camp was to reveal American culture and to compare it with the regional one.

During Painting Day the students studied the pictures and tried to describe and interpret them. They also tried to be guides themselves.

During Music Day the students spoke about classical and modern music, world pop stars and legendary composers. They discussed various music genres while listening to the songs. ACCESS students were suggested a quiz "Trip to Music World" with different interesting tasks. The students also made two posters: legendary pop stars and legendary composers.

Theatre Days were devoted to the world best theaters and to our local theater. They tried to compare American, English, and Russian theaters.

Cinema Days we devoted to the history of cinema and film genres.

Museum Days were very interesting. The campers watched the film about the Metropolitan Museum and had virtual excursions in some other world-known museums. The students also visited three of the city museums: the Museum of History, the Museum of Archeology, and Wax Museum from St.Petersburg. They also traveled to the Ethno-Cultural Center in the village of Yb where learnt a lot about the history and culture of the Komi republic.

The campers took part in two volunteer projects: they made tactile aids for the local library for the blind and made balls of moss for the city fair to raise money for the church restoration. The students were very responsible and they made everything very carefully.