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PH International partners with USAID and Cisco Systems to Build Entrepreneurship Centers in the Northern Caucasus

Russia | North Caucasus Entrepreneur Capacity Building Program | 1 Sep 2010

The Cisco Entrepreneur Institute, one of Cisco Systems Inc.’s corporate social responsibility initiatives, is focused on fostering and enabling entrepreneurship around the globe. Established in 2007, the Cisco Entrepreneur Institute has a presence in 31 countries, has aided the formation of 19 Training Centers and 17 Local Institutes in these countries, and has trained more than 3,300 entrepreneurs.

By working with local public and private sector organizations, Cisco helps communities and nations harness the power of entrepreneurship for greater economic and social prosperity. The Cisco Entrepreneur Institute has a strong presence in Ukraine and is expanding in the Central and Eastern European region.

And now PH, in Partnership with the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), is working with Cisco to establish Entrepreneurship Centers in Russia. The North Caucasus Entrepreneurship Program will establish Cisco Entrepreneur Institutes in strategic cities within the North Caucasus region, creating a valuable resource for the development of a strong entrepreneurial spirit in local economies.