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Legal culture action plans in progress in Zugdidi school #9


After launching the legal culture lessons, the schools started organizing some other activities in the frames of legal culture action plans. One of the teachers underlined: “This program has given me an impetus to think of creative activities for better involvement of police in the school life”.  

One of the examples was School #9 in Zugdidi.  The  school has fully immersed  in the GE Calls program and plans several activates in cooperation with local community. One of their initiatives was to invite community representatives and involve them in the lesson activities as participants, together with the students.  Among the guests were seven police officers, investigators and inspectors from regional police department, head of SRO department in Samegrelo region and representatives of local University. 

Through several activities, including role playing and brainstorming, the students and guests fulfilled assignments together. The topics of the activities were: organized crime, cybercrime and corruption and other topics relevant to the Legal Culture curriculum. During the assignments students and police officers were in groups, working together as equals, advising and encouraging each other. As a result, students had a chance to work with police officers and discuss matters together and be ‘in one group’. On the other hand they received important messages directly from them. 

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