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40 representatives of schools from different regions of Georgia ready to start lessons of legal Culture Basics in 7th grades

On November 15-18 four-day workshops were delivered to the selected schools from four regions to train the teachers and school resource officers in the 7th grade legal socialization curriculum (Textbook Basics of Legal Culture) and techniques of team teaching. Training was led by the leading civil education experts, psychologists and legal experts. They discussed the legislative aspects, importance of the Legal Culture curriculum at schools and conflict resolution methods. The experts also covered the impact of bullying and discrimination, cyber-bullying, managing the delinquency at school environment, and about understanding the psychology of teenagers. The trainers encouraged the participants to sharing their experience and concerns. The training was full of activities, case studies, brain storming, group works, presentations, videos presentations and active discussions. “I can’t wait to go back and use the knowledge taken from these training”- said one of the participants at the follow up session. Towards the end of the sessions all of the participants’ first priority was to share the information to their colleagues, review their previous work, use the knowledge gained on the training and start lessons of “legal Culture Basics” in 7th grades. Each school received the packages of Textbooks for entire schools. Among the participant were the schools that include minority students.

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