Three day training for teachers and police officers

Within the Program Legal Socialization and juvenile delinquency prevention, PH International - Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina, organized three day training from August 24 - August 26,2017 for teachers and police officers, who will conduct testing of educational materials for six (6) Modules.  

Modules are the following:

- Rights and obligations of children and youth 

- Juvenile justice 

- Institutions for child and youth protection and their rights  

- Addictions 

- Culture of living 

- Violence and neglecting 

Actors in the implementation of the Modules are pedagogue/teacher and police officer from local community. For realization of each module it is forseen one school class. 

Bosnia Legal Socialization Program (BLSP)

The goal of the Legal Socialization Program, that is currently piloted in the Federation BiH is to strengthen the understanding and respect youth have for the rule of law and reduce levels of juvenile crime and delinquency. Тhe Program addresses this goal through an approach that builds cooperative partnerships between youth, educators, law enforcement and juvenile justice professionals in mixed ethnic environments.

The pilot initiative  will reach 840 youth in two selected Cantons in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, bringing together 26 teachers and 26 police officers as teaching teams to work with youth in schools, using a student-centered approach for the transfer of knowledge and skills on the law, legal processes and juvenile justice.

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Nedžada Faginović, Country Director

E-mail: nedzada.faginovic@ph-int.org
  Beti Čolak, Program Coordinator

E-mail: beti.colak@ph-int.org