Global New Media Lab - Online Course

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The GNML Online program guides students through the process of creating a social media for social change campaign using the world's most powerful online platforms.

Students identify a social issue in their home country and will learn how to harness the power of blogs, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Google Alerts for social change. 

Why Do You Need This?

  • To develop 21st century skills in social/digital media technologies

  • To learn how to use various social media platforms to advocate for social change

  • To develop a social media for social change campaign

  • To access our online materials to teach others in your home community. 




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Bosnia Legal Socialization Program (BLSP)

The goal of the Legal Socialization Program, that is currently piloted in the Federation BiH is to strengthen the understanding and respect youth have for the rule of law and reduce levels of juvenile crime and delinquency. Тhe Program addresses this goal through an approach that builds cooperative partnerships between youth, educators, law enforcement and juvenile justice professionals in mixed ethnic environments.

The pilot initiative  will reach 840 youth in two selected Cantons in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, bringing together 26 teachers and 26 police officers as teaching teams to work with youth in schools, using a student-centered approach for the transfer of knowledge and skills on the law, legal processes and juvenile justice.

Award winning video

This is a story about students, about learning and about making a positive change in one’s community. The students are from primary school “Ćamil Sijarić” from Nemila, one of 16 primary schools in two cantons: Zenica-Doboj and Herzegovina-Neretva. These 16 schools were selected by their respective cantonal ministers of education to take a part in the Legal socialization and juvenile crime prevention Program in Bosnia and Herzegovina (BLSP).

The BLSP is implemented by PH international and funded through a grant from the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL).

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Nedžada Faginović, Country Director

E-mail: nedzada.faginovic@ph-int.org
  Beti Čolak, Program Coordinator

E-mail: beti.colak@ph-int.org