Professional Development Trip to Georgia



  • Six members of the Curriculum Development Team (CDT), which is  made up of representatives nominated by the ministries of education and interior in Zenica-Doboj Canton and Herzegovina-Neretva Canton. These two cantons were selected for the Legal Socialization Program (LSP) pilot program implementation. 
  • Two PH Office in BiH staff (Program Manager and Program Coordinator)   



  • Arrival in Georgia on Sunday, May 14, 2017
  • Departure from Georgia on Thursday, May 18, 2017


In total three working days were spent in Georgia.




Considering that the LSP program has been successfully developed and implemented by the PH International in Georgia since 2008, the main purpose of the visit to Georgia was for the CDT members to meet and talk with their Georgian counterparts who are involved in legal socialization program, to observe classrooms and enrichment/after-school activities,  community policing activities, to discuss program highlights and challenges to-date, and to focus their understanding and ideas about the implementation of a similar program in each of the participating cantons in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.




During their stay in Georgia, the CDT members were briefed on:


  • The process of LSP curricula development (WHO, WHAT, HOW, WHEN questions) focusing on an integrated approach that implies joint cooperation between police officers and teachers; and


  • The main challenges in the process of LSP curricula development, including testing and implementation (e.g. inclusion of parents, police officers in classroom, work with children/minors, stakeholder’s commitment, monitoring, etc.)  

Bosnia Legal Socialization Program (BLSP)

The goal of the Legal Socialization Program, that is currently piloted in the Federation BiH is to strengthen the understanding and respect youth have for the rule of law and reduce levels of juvenile crime and delinquency. Тhe Program addresses this goal through an approach that builds cooperative partnerships between youth, educators, law enforcement and juvenile justice professionals in mixed ethnic environments.

The pilot initiative  will reach 840 youth in two selected Cantons in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, bringing together 26 teachers and 26 police officers as teaching teams to work with youth in schools, using a student-centered approach for the transfer of knowledge and skills on the law, legal processes and juvenile justice.

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Nedžada Faginović, Country Director

E-mail: nedzada.faginovic@ph-int.org
  Beti Čolak, Program Coordinator

E-mail: beti.colak@ph-int.org