On December 19, Access students from Ozurgeti gathered to discuss English and American fiction (home reading materials) they had read throughout the final semester of the program. The session was facilitated by the Access Program English Teacher in Ozurgeti Maia Tsitaishvili and was exceptionally interactive and student-centered. Among the stories discussed were “Robinson Crusoe”, “Tom Sawyer”, “Huckleberry Finn”, “David Copperfield”, “The Catcher in the Rye”, “Farewell to Arms” and others.
On December 17, Access students gathered to watch a Christmas movie “Merry Christmas Mr. Bean”. Showing of the movie was facilitated by Sonja Follett, ELCE Program ELTT. As a pre-watching activity, Sonja divided students into groups of five and gave each group a set of questions and new words together with hints to guess the meaning.
On December 12, Rustavi American Corner hosted the Access Program enrichment activity on Environmental Issues. Ms. Sherry L. Wilson, guest speaker from the U.S. Embassy, lead the session and delivered a seminar on environmental problems, prevention of ecological catastrophes and ways of caring about ecology. The presentation was enriched with photo and video materials and allowed for active student participation.
On November 29, Access Program in Kutaisi devoted an enrichment activity to Halloween and its celebration in the United States. Prior to the enrichment activity, Access students had worked in groups and searched relevant materials online to prepare their group presentations and draw parallels between American “Halloween” and Georgian “Chiakokonoba” (festival of pagan origins still celebrated in rural areas of Georgia a week prior to Easter).
On November 25, Access Program in Batumi organized an enrichment activity devoted to drama.

Access Program in Batumi closely collaborates with PH International’s U.S. Embassy funded English Language through Civic Education (ELCE) Program in the frames of which, five Access Program students got to participate and act in a play “Robin Hood Meets Arsena Marabdeli” written and directed by the ELCE Program English Language Teacher Trainer (ELTT) Chuck Kinney
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