22.11.2012 | Access Program in Rustavi Celebrates Thanksgiving

On November 22, Access Program in Rustavi celebrated Thanksgiving. The session started with a reading activity, during which students had to read a text about the origin of Thanksgiving and answer some pre-, while- and post- reading questions. To conclude the activity, students worked in groups and camp up with the list of major facts about the origin of Thanksgiving.

After a brief presentation about Thanksgiving dinner, students were divided into groups to create restaurants, menus, and advertisements to attract Thanksgiving day customers. After each group was given a chance to present on the menu and offers they developed, students voted for the best menu and the most attractive offer.

To conclude the day, students created a Thanksgiving tree. They traced their hands on colored sheets of paper, cut them out, wrote on hand prints what they were thankful for and glued all the hand prints on a “tree” as leaves.
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