16.11.2012 | Sonja Follett Facilitates the Session the Topic of Civic Engagement and Voting in Gori

On November 16, Access program in Gori devoted an enhancement activity to the topic of Civic Engagement and Voting. The session was facilitated by Sonja Follett, PH International’s English Language through Civic Education (ELCE) Program English Language Teacher Trainer (ELTT).

To start with, Sonja elicited the words and phrases related to civic engagement and voting that Access students already knew and wrote them on the flipchart. Then she delivered an inter-active presentation on the system of voting used in the United States, talked of the most powerful political parties and their symbols, most interesting facts related to these parties and their leaders.

When the information part of the session was over, the facilitator divided the students into groups of six. Each group had to form a political party, give it a name, come up with the motto and the political program of the party and elect a presidential candidate. After the political parties of “Dream Access”, “Work for Success”, “Development for Prosperity” and “Georgian Patriots” presented their presidential candidates, their mottos and political programs, Sonja brought in a ballot box. Each student had to vote for a party and a presidential candidate other than their own.

“Access kids are amazing!” commented Sonja Follett when after the session. “It’s obvious that they have come long way since the start of the program. I have been to numerous English language classes at Georgian public schools and I can assure you that confidence and fluency of English I see in Access class is very rare,” she concluded.
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