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Youth Entrepreneurial Skills for Advancing Employability and Income Generation in Georgia

Country: Georgia
Category: Community Development Programs


The Program – ‘’Youth Entrepreneurial Skills for Advancing Employability and Income Generation in Georgia’’ (YES – Georgia) represents a targeted public-private partnership that builds institutional frameworks and models facilitating greater economic participation of youth through increased opportunities for self-employment by starting youth start-ups and for employment in established companies. 
The program goals are:
  • To enhance entrepreneurship development, capacity-building of youth-led small enterprises through innovative forms of access to finance, knowledge and expertise.
  • To increase employability of young people by offering relevant training, improved financial capabilities, new forms of practical on-the-job training opportunities and encouraging youth-friendly corporate practices.
  • To create discourse contributing to youth economic empowerment through a nationwide media campaign as well as support to youth-led enterprise networks and connecting them to similar networks internationally.
The Project will result in:
  • Development of open-source Youth Enterprises Training Manual, non-formal educational module with session guides, instructions and handouts. 600 young people from 20 regions of Georgia will take part in the Youth Enterprise two-stage Training Program, offered by MFO Crystal Branch Offices in 20 locations of Georgia. As a result, 30 youth led start-up enterprises will be financed and supported.
  • Development of Employers Guide to Internship and Youth Friendly Practices tailored for the selected 20 companies. The guide will provide methods and tools for constructing effective on-the-job training programs, leading to sustainable employment of youth. 400 young people will undertake internship in selected companies.
  • Creation of, providing access to online entrepreneurial resources, employment advises access to finances and engagement opportunities with local and international networks. 
This is a USAID-funded joint initiative of Crystal Fund, PH International and JSC MFO Crystal. The project will work with an estimated 1,000 youth, ages 17-25 in 20 municipalities of Georgia.

Program News

Tbilisi hosted Youth Employment Forum 2017 | 23 Oct 2017

On June 5, 2017, Tbilisi, Georgia hosted a Youth Employment Forum 2017 to provide a platform for reflection and discussion in order to assess the achievements and challenges and revise current practices and strategies for youth employment. The Forum was organized in order to ensure that the employment issue of Georgian youth was put on the policy agenda. 

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