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22.02.2012 | acett | Tbilisi Public Schools Support Visually Impaired Students

On February 18, members of the Carpediem Civics Club at Tbilisi Public School #42, in collaboration with Civics Club students at a number of public schools in the Georgian capital, celebrated their successes promoting the integration of visually impaired students into the community. Carpediem Civics Club organized a contest among students at Tbilisi schools #202, #61, #104, #10 and #42, to seek solutions and foster support of the visually impaired. Several students also had the opportunity to participate in a television program about problems facing visually impaired young people in their community. Students also worked with a local publishing house throughout the project to provide braille textbooks to visually impaired students. Tbilisi School #10 won the competition and was awarded a special prize for their efforts in promoting outreach to the disabled. All contest participants also received books from Bakur Sulakauri Publishing for their work. The contest, as well as the closing event, was sponsored by local businesses, including Barambo, Bakur Sulakauri Publishing and Kazbegi.
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