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Comics on women’s rights | mt | 24 Apr 2020

Forced marriage, domestic violence, gender equality- these were the topics expressed as comics, which were prepared by civics students of Gombori village public school.
Students made a video massage and conducted a survey on how community members are aware of women’s rights. The video and the results of the survey were shared via Facebook.

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ACPI has Started Online Pilot Lessons of Legal Culture Module | acpi | 13 Apr 2020

ACPI has started to pilot online lessons on Legal Culture, which are taught by civics teachers and police officers together for 9th and 10th graders. pilot lessons were held on topics, such as children’s rights, tolerance, gambling and internet games. They were conducted with Microsoft Teams and Zoom platforms. The lessons were quite interactive. There were lots of questions to the police officer, group work and online quizzes. Based on the lessons learned from the pilot, Legal Culture Module will be fully transferred to online teaching. 

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Online conference with Judge Tamar Chikhladze | mt | 10 Apr 2020

The work of the Judge and Court system, civics responsibilities during the challenging time, protection of human rights, gender equality and domestic violence were the topics of discussions of Judge Tamar Chikladze with students during the online conference. The Judge spoke about her profession and shared her work experience. 
Participants of the conference - students, civics teachers and parents from all regions of Georgia had the opportunity to ask questions to Judge via Facebook. About 280 questions were asked by participants to a guest during the online conference and 2500 online viewers reached.
The online conference was organized in the framework of USAID civics education “Momavlis Taoba” program and USAID/PROLoG.


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Webinar about the use of Microsoft Teams Program for online teaching | mt | 9 Apr 2020

Webinar about the use of Microsoft Teams Program for online teaching was organized for civics teachers in the framework of USAID civic education program “Moavlis Taoba”. Civics teacher Temur Sukhashvili, who presented the main functions of Microsoft Teams, facilitated Webinar. The distance learning tools will help civics teachers to organize online lessons. More than 80 teachers from all regions of Georgia participated in the conference and had opportunities to ask questions and get answers online.

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Irakli Khorava, an alumnus of civic education program, | mt | 8 Apr 2020

"I'm Irakli Khorava, student of Political Science at The Ilia State University and a volunteer in north Italy under the European Solidarity Corps program.
I was 15 when I joined USAID Civic Education Program where I was volunteering at school and in the community, along with school civics club members was elaborating and running civic initiatives and projects, supporting children with Leukemia and ethnic minorities and projects addressing ecological problems.

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Within the preventive measures to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, schools in BiH organize online classes/teaching for their students. In these circumstances, the first online LSP module covering topic 'Addictions' was held in the Elementary School "9.maj" in Pazarić (Sarajevo Canton). Online class of Module 4 were held by teacher - Mrs. Arijana Osmanović Štukan and police officer - Mr. Izet Velić.  The BLSP received a report on the delivery with excerpts from the online class as well as video clip of the Police Officer. The photo uploaded here is captured from the video. 

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A New Manual for Students on Legal Culture has been developed by ACPI | acpi | 31 Mar 2020

A New Manual on Legal Culture for Students has been developed by ACPI program. The manual gives practical information on legal responsibilities, rights and regulations in a simple language with visual aids and good design. All of these makes the book more attractive for students to read and get familiar with legal issues. The manual consists of two parts, where part 1 contains 4 topics: Children's Rights, Tolerance, Conflict Management, Bad habits and healthy lifestyle. Part 2 is coming soon. The 1st part of the manual is accessible online for public through this link: .

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Online conference with a psychologist Maya Tsiramua | mt | 28 Mar 2020

Follow a healthy lifestyle, plan your day, activate your social contacts, talk with friends and family members, avoid stressful information and avoid tobacco and alcohol. These are the recommendations that psychologist Maya Tsiramua advised students, teachers, and parents during an online conference.

The online conference guest talked how to overcome stress during a COVID-19 pandemic and how to manage emotions during the challenging time.

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Civics teacher Nino Dighmelashvili appreciates online civics resources created within USAID’s “Momavlis Taoba” program | mt | 26 Mar 2020

“The digital resources created within the Civic Education Program “Momavlis Taoba” supports me to plan and organize online lessons. The students especially liked quizzes- questions with answers to be marked.
It should be mentioned that even those students who were used to be “passive” during ordinary classes are now very active. They sent me the results of the quiz very soon” –said Nino Digmelashvili, civics teacher of Tbilisi public school #59.

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Civics club students’ online conference with a doctor Tea Danelia | mt | 20 Mar 2020

Online conference with a doctor Tea Danelia mostly addressed the issues concerning basic prevention measures against the new COVID-19. How does the virus spread? Why the virus is called “corona”? How long does the virus survive on surfaces? When will a COVID-19 vaccine be ready? Are children at risk? How is it prevented? What are the most common symptoms of the COVID-19 disease? – These were the questions asked by civics students during the conference.

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