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Convinced  that satisfactory professional capacities have been built during the three-year LSP implementation that are capable to ensure its sustainability in two pilot cantons i.e.Herzegovina-Neretva Canton and Zenica-Doboj Canton and its further expansion to schools that have not been involved in LSP activities, the BLSP Office initiated and held joint meetings with the Ministers of Education and the Ministers of Interior in these cantons to discuss that possibility.

At the meeting held on February 6, 2020 in Mostar, the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton – Mr Rašid Hadžović and the Minister of the Interior of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton – Mr Slađan Bevanda expressed satisfaction with the previous cooperation and results achieved, and the program fokus on prevention. Both ministers expressed their willingness to provide all necessary support for continuation of LSP activities as well as the official decisions of competent cantonal authorities in that sense.

At a meeting held 11.02.2020.godine in Zenica, the Minister of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of Zenica-Doboj Canton  - Mr Spahija Kozlić and the  Minister of Interior of Zenica-Doboj Canton – Mr Dario Pekić assessed that current cooperation and results achieved in implementing LSP very successful. In an effort to continue successful cooperation in this area in the future, the ministers signed a memorandum of cooperation defining the principles of cooperation, forms of joint action and modes of using human and other capacities of both ministries in further LSP implementation and juvenile delinquency prevention.

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Road Safety Campaign - “Drive Safely” | mt | 30 Jul 2020

“Drive Safely” - is a slogan of a road safety campaign initiated by students of MT partner schools in Kvemo Kartli region.
Students already collected information and statistics about road accidents and cases of alcohol-impaired driving crashes, prepared online posters and videos on road safety rules and posted them on social media.
In the upcoming week, students plan to survey local places where the installation of road signs is essential. In addition, they will take photos of already installed road signs and prepare description posters for the public. Students also plan to apply to the local government representatives with an initiative to install additional road signs in their villages, where it is essential to ensure road safety.
In the upcoming week, students plan to prepare posters to inform the local community about fines and penalties, which are imposed on violation of traffic/driving rules, and share them via social media.
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Professional learning community meetings were held for civics teachers | mt | 23 Jul 2020

Professional learning community meetings were held for civics teachers.

The meetings were focused on challenges, which teachers face during distance learning: how to deal with low motivation of students and make effective and unbiased development assessment. The teachers shared their best practices and experiences of teaching during the distance learning.

Educational expert Simon Janashia made recommendations on how to plan and conduct more effective, interesting and interactive online lessons to promote students' motivation, engagement and achievements. Regional representatives of Civic Education Teachers Forum facilitated the meetings.

Professional learning community meetings were attended by civics teachers from Tbilisi, Kakheti, Guria, Imereti, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti, Adjara, Shida Kartli, Kvemo Kartli, Samtskhe-Javakheti and Mtskheta Mtianeti regions.

Meetings were held in the framework of USAID civic education “Momavlis Taoba” program and organized by Civic Education Teachers Forum.

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Training for students on gender equality issues. | mt | 20 Jul 2020

To educate peers about gender equality, an online training was held with the participation of students from MT partner schools in Shida Kartli region. Lela Mindiashvili, a trainer from the partner NGO - Society “Biliki”, led the training. She spoke about gender-related stereotypes, gender-based discrimination and explained how to prevent and respond to them.

The information gained during the training will help students be aware of women's rights, organize information campaigns, prepare presentations and posters to portray the different examples of violence and explain how to prevent and respond to them. They will share the materials via social media to help further awareness of their peers about the preventive measures against gender-based violence. 

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Within its U.S. government funded, 4-year (2019-2023) “Building English Language Capacity for
Armenian Students and Teachers” program PH International ( is announcing a
rigorous, merit-based nation-wide competition for recruiting 10 Armenian teachers/trainers of English
for involvement in an intensive and multi-stage professional development initiative to become
mentor teachers.

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"Academy of Leaders" | mt | 9 Jul 2020

"Academy of Leaders" - a day camp was held for the students of Momavlis Taoba program partner schools of Adjara region.
Students visited the Supreme Council of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara. They met with the Chairman of the Supreme Council, Davit Gabaidze, and received information about the activities of the Council. A small excursion was also organized for them in the Supreme Council.
Later a working meeting was held to discuss leadership and youth involvement in solving community problems.
At the end of the meeting, the students planned joint activities and are going to implement them this summer.

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Moldovan Curriculum Development Team members participate in the first face-to-face workshop | mlsp | 8 Jul 2020

From July 1-3, members of the Moldovan Curriculum Development Team (CDT), as part of the PH’s Moldova Legal Socialization Program, represented by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and the Police General Inspectorate participated in a workshop to finalize the optional course “Education for Legal Socialization”. The optional course will be piloted starting from September 2020 for 8th graders in 22 pilot schools from Chisinau, Cahul, Ungheni, Floresti, Soroca and Straseni districts. During the workshop the CDT members finalized the curricular documents for the first 2 modules and tested the teaching methods according to previously developed didactic projects.
The main purpose of the optional course "Education for Legal Socialization" is to raise students’ awareness of citizens’ rights and obligations and to increase the legal culture of young people in a society based on the principles of the rule of law.
The implementation of the optional course "Education for Legal Socialization" is the first experience of an institutionalized classroom format between the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research and the Ministry of Internal Affairs that aims to positively change the perception of police activity in schools.
The innovative element is that the course will be taught by teaching teams made up of police officers and teachers. Prior to the beginning of the school year the teaching teams will be trained to implement the legal socialization curriculum and to use team-teaching methods and approaches in classes.

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"USA is a Friendly Partner Country of Georgia" | mt | 3 Jul 2020

To congratulate American people with the USA Independence Day, USAID supported school-based civics clubs students from Kvemo Kartli region prepared a video presentation and posters.
A campaign dedicated to Independence Day increased students’ knowledge about the leading democratic country, the importance of Independence Day and the USA-Georgia partnership.

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Promotion of a healthy lifestyle among the youth | mt | 26 Jun 2020

To promote a healthy lifestyle among the peers, students from Sameba village public school in Kvemo Kartli region mobilized community members and started school stadium rehabilitation activities. Students plan to organize sports games and contribute to the promotion of a healthy lifestyle among the youth.

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Students promote a healthy lifestyle in the community | mt | 22 Jun 2020

To promote a healthy lifestyle in the community 10th-grade students from Sasireti village public school mobilized community members, local administration and with their cooperation started stadium rehabilitation activities. They cleaned the territory and dug holes to install goalposts.
Students also conducted a contest of essays, posters and drawings and held an online presentation to promote a healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition among their peers.

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