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Regulations introduced at school for the prevention of COVID-19 | mt | 12 Oct 2020

Civics students of Kveda Sazano village public school #1 organized an open-air meeting for the students of elementary school to inform them about the regulations introduced at school for the prevention of COVID-19. They explained why it is important to wear masks, keep distance and rules of hygiene for the prevention of COVID-19 as well as seasonal viruses.
Prior to this meeting, students met with a local doctor and received information on the necessity of following the hygienic norms for both COVID19 and seasonal viruses’ prevention, which they later shared with their peers.

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"Healthy Nutrition" | mt | 2 Oct 2020

Students of Bretis Meurneoba village public school in Shida Kartli region decided to raise awareness of their peers on healthy food and lifestyle.
To get more people aware of the importance of healthy nutrition, an exhibition and a culinary competition were organized at school. Students presented agricultural Bioproducts of their village as well as the unhealthy food often used by young people. The participants of the culinary competition prepared various dishes and once again talked to the guests about the importance of healthy nutrition.

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Rustavi Public School # 3 Students' Successful Initiative | mt | 21 Sep 2020

Students of “Indigo” civics club of Rustavi Public School # 3 decided to improve road safety in the city and successfully conducted an advocacy process. As a result of a cooperation with representatives of the local government, a zebra crossing was made at one of the crossroads of Rustaveli Street.

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"We Study Democracy" | mt | 14 Sep 2020

To highlight the main principles of democracy and increase awareness of their peers about democratic values students of Sairkhe village public school prepared a flyer.

In the frame of the mini-grant project "We Study Democracy", students attended training and took part in the discussion on the main principles of democracy. They prepared a video “Democracy and Me” and announced an essay contest “Why Democracy”. All informational materials created within the mini-grant project were shared via social media.

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Civics Students Advocated for the Improvement of School Environment | mt | 7 Sep 2020

School-based civics club members of Osiauri village public school conducted an advocacy process to improve the school environment. They met with the representatives of local government and presented the results of the community survey on environmental issues. At the meeting with the governmental officials, they also discussed the measures that should be taken to improve the environment.

As a result of the successful advocacy campaign, the local authorities placed rubbish bins in the village and handed over 90 evergreen seedlings to the school, which were later planted in and around the schoolyard. The students took an active part in the greening and cleaning actions of the schoolyard.

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Training for students about the importance of media literacy | mt | 26 Aug 2020

Online training was held for students of MT partner schools in Adjara region to raise their awareness about the importance of media literacy. They got information about disinformation and fake news and received guidance on how to spot real and fake news.
Based on the information gained during the training students prepared posters and a presentation about the work of media, including the importance of media literacy, how to distinguish the real news from the fake news and shared them via social network.

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International Youth Day | mt | 12 Aug 2020

To mark the International Youth Day, Samtskhe – Javakheti region hosted one more event carried out by MT students of Benara village public school during which, different sports games and entertaining activities were held to promote a healthy lifestyle among peers.

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Road Safety Campaign - “Drive Safely” | mt | 30 Jul 2020

“Drive Safely” - is a slogan of a road safety campaign initiated by students of MT partner schools in Kvemo Kartli region.
Students already collected information and statistics about road accidents and cases of alcohol-impaired driving crashes, prepared online posters and videos on road safety rules and posted them on social media.
In the upcoming week, students plan to survey local places where the installation of road signs is essential. In addition, they will take photos of already installed road signs and prepare description posters for the public. Students also plan to apply to the local government representatives with an initiative to install additional road signs in their villages, where it is essential to ensure road safety.
In the upcoming week, students plan to prepare posters to inform the local community about fines and penalties, which are imposed on violation of traffic/driving rules, and share them via social media.
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Professional learning community meetings were held for civics teachers | mt | 23 Jul 2020

Professional learning community meetings were held for civics teachers.

The meetings were focused on challenges, which teachers face during distance learning: how to deal with low motivation of students and make effective and unbiased development assessment. The teachers shared their best practices and experiences of teaching during the distance learning.

Educational expert Simon Janashia made recommendations on how to plan and conduct more effective, interesting and interactive online lessons to promote students' motivation, engagement and achievements. Regional representatives of Civic Education Teachers Forum facilitated the meetings.

Professional learning community meetings were attended by civics teachers from Tbilisi, Kakheti, Guria, Imereti, Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti, Adjara, Shida Kartli, Kvemo Kartli, Samtskhe-Javakheti and Mtskheta Mtianeti regions.

Meetings were held in the framework of USAID civic education “Momavlis Taoba” program and organized by Civic Education Teachers Forum.

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Training for students on gender equality issues. | mt | 20 Jul 2020

To educate peers about gender equality, an online training was held with the participation of students from MT partner schools in Shida Kartli region. Lela Mindiashvili, a trainer from the partner NGO - Society “Biliki”, led the training. She spoke about gender-related stereotypes, gender-based discrimination and explained how to prevent and respond to them.

The information gained during the training will help students be aware of women's rights, organize information campaigns, prepare presentations and posters to portray the different examples of violence and explain how to prevent and respond to them. They will share the materials via social media to help further awareness of their peers about the preventive measures against gender-based violence. 

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