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"Healthy Nutrition"

Georgia | Momavlis Taoba - Civic Education Program | 2 Oct 2020

Students of Bretis Meurneoba village public school in Shida Kartli region decided to raise awareness of their peers on healthy food and lifestyle.
To get more people aware of the importance of healthy nutrition, an exhibition and a culinary competition were organized at school. Students presented agricultural Bioproducts of their village as well as the unhealthy food often used by young people. The participants of the culinary competition prepared various dishes and once again talked to the guests about the importance of healthy nutrition.
Before organizing the culinary competition, in the framework of a mini-grant project "Healthy Nutrition", students conducted a survey on healthy nutrition; prepared a presentation for their peers on healthy food and a wall newspaper on the proper use of herbicides and pesticides; prepared flyers and shared them on social media in order to increase public awareness about healthy nutrition.