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Students from different public schools of Adjara region presented their projects | mt | 6 Dec 2019

Students from different public schools of Adjara region presented their projects aimed at preventing trafficking and gender-based violence, advocating and solving community problems and promoting school safety in village Salibauri public school #1. Students also presented a performance on gender-based violence and a film on bullying prevention.

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School-based civics club students met with Judge | mt | 29 Nov 2019

School-based civics club students met with Judge Shorena Tsikaridze in Tbilisi public school #177. Judge Shorena Tsikaridze spoke about her profession and answered students’ questions.
Students presented a photo exhibition that featured students’ activities on human rights issues: a mock trial, discussion about human rights, meeting with a juvenile justice official, etc.
The meeting was attended by USAID, PH International and PROLoG representatives.
The meeting was organized by USAID civics education program “Momavlis Taoba” and USAID PROLoG.

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USAID Civic Education Program Alumnus Mate Bubashvili | mt | 14 Nov 2019

“My experience as the civics club leader at my school motivated my academic studies and career path. As a result of the Civics Club, I decided to become a lawyer and study human rights, constitutional law, and models of state governance; My knowledge will allow me to contribute to the development of my country and be an active citizen .”- USAID Civic Education Program Alumnus Mate Bubashvili

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Information campaign-"No to plastic" | mt | 6 Nov 2019

The 9th-grade students of Tbilisi public school # 75 decided to organize an information campaign to raise public awareness about the negative impact of plastic on the environment and conducted a survey among the community members. 

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Resort Menji - The Wonder of Nature | mt | 30 Oct 2019

The students of the village Menji public school in Senaki municipality decided to promote the health benefits of mineral water of their village. Years ago, there was a Balneological Resort, which was well known and visited by many people.

The balneological resort is not functioning now, but many local and foreign visitors are coming here for treatment and due to the lack of landmarks, it is difficult to find a way to the village.

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Civics club students initiated organic food fair in Zugdidi. | mt | 17 Oct 2019

In Zugdidi central square school-based civics club students of village Jumi public school, in the framework of a mini-grant project, organized an expo-sale of agricultural products and an information campaign on the importance of healthy food.
The students cooperated with the National Food Agency to get information about healthy nutrition, then prepared and placed a wallpaper about the harmfulness of GM foods and the benefits of organic foods at school. In addition, information brochures were disseminated in the community. A seminar, a film screening and an exhibition of drawings were also organized.

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A tower in their village was granted a status of cultural heritage | mt | 4 Oct 2019

As a result of the civics club students’ initiative, a tower in their village was granted a status of cultural heritage

Students of USAID funded “Momavlis Taoba” program partner school of Sasireti village in Kaspi Municipality had a meeting with the representatives of the Public Defender's Office in Shida Kartli.  The students talked about a tower in the village - the historical monument of XVI-XVIII centuries, that needed rehabilitation. Representatives of the Public Defender's Office visited the historical monument together with the students and requested the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia to support students’ initiative.

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The professional development training for civics teachers | mt | 30 Sep 2019

The professional development training "Planning of Interactive Lesson" was held for civics teachers from different regions of Georgia in the framework of civic education "Momavlis Taoba" program.
The training will help teachers develop interactive teaching methods and approaches; and create effective lesson plans. The training was organized by the Civic Education Teachers Forum.

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"Open a New World with a Book" | mt | 24 Sep 2019

9th-grade students of the village Ikalto public school initiated to renovate the school library and promote reading and literacy among the students of different ages. Students conducted a survey to find out what kind of literature is interesting for their peers, then they collected scraps and changed them into new books to enrich the school library.

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