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Rustavi Public School # 3 Students' Successful Initiative

Georgia | Momavlis Taoba - Civic Education Program | 21 Sep 2020

Students of “Indigo” civics club of Rustavi Public School # 3 decided to improve road safety in the city and successfully conducted an advocacy process. As a result of a cooperation with representatives of the local government, a zebra crossing was made at one of the crossroads of Rustaveli Street. At one of the crossroads of the mentioned street, the traffic was heavy. Citizens, including students and teachers heading to Rustavi Public School # 3 had to cross this street, which posed safety risks to pedestrians as there was no traffic light or zebra crossing in the area. Members of the Civics Club surveyed citizens and, a dangerous crossing was named as the main problem. On September 4, members of the Civics Club wrote to the Rustavi City Hall requesting the installation of a zebra crossing. The local government appreciated the students' initiative and on September 14, a zebra crossing was marked in the area. Civics Club "Indigo" students plan to keep on implementing initiatives for the benefit of the community in the future.