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Supporting Government-led Diversion and Mediation Program in Georgia

In July of 2010, the Georgian Criminal Procedures Code was amended and discretionary prosecution introduced. The new rules made it possible to develop programs such as the Juvenile Diversion Program, allowing prosecutors to divert qualified juveniles from criminal prosecution to alternative justice options. PH has been actively involved in creating the foundation for the launch of the Ministry of Justice’s Juvenile Diversion and Mediation Program. Under GLSP, PH delivered specialized training and preparation for nine mediators that are now employed by the MOJ for State mediation and diversion programs. In a complementary action, PH also produced two books on restorative justice, arranged trainings for social workers and prosecutors and implemented exchanges for the key partners involved in the diversion process.

Georgia CALLS works with MOJ mediators to provide ongoing professional development and facilitates meetings to identify a Code of Conduct, consistent with international practices and standards, to guide their work and to work together on professional development issues.

Georgia CALLS will also help establish a multi-media reference library with materials on alternative justice, mediation, reintegration and youth psychology.

Our Partners

Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia

Ministry of Justice of Georgia
Center for Crime Prevention and Innovative Programs

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