GE ACCESS Program Staff List

This program is managed by team of professionals:

Program Staff

Berdia Natsvlishvili
Country Director

Berdia Natsvlishvili has been working with PH International since 2000 on various senior managerial possitions. Berdia’s area of expertise is in international development and education, organizational and institutional development, advocacy and PR campaigns. For the last 12 years, he worked with a number of local and international NGOs, donor funded projects and private companies, universities and training centers. Berdia is an Associate Professor at the School of Journalism and Communications at University of Georgia, and Caucasus School of Media at Caucasus University, and is a recognized expert in public relations. He is a founder of a number of professional, community and educational organizations in Georgia and author of innovative projects in the field of public relations, interactive communications and new media. Berdia holds undergraduate and graduate degrees in public relations from Georgian Technical University and diploma from Chattahoochee High School, Atlanta, GA.
Salome (Ana) Chelidze
Finance/Admin Coordinator

Salome Chelidze is a member of PH International in Georgia since April of 2008, bringing eight years of experience in program administration and management. As Finance / Admin Coordinator, Salome provides administrative, programmatic and accounting support to the Applied Civic Education and Teacher Training, Community Connections and Georgian Legal Socialization Program. Prior to joining PH International, Salome worked at Fortrose Georgia and Public Defender's Office. Salome is a graduate of Tbilisi State University named after Iv. Javakhishvili, Western European Languages and Literature department.
Archil Kobakhidze
Financial Officer

Archil Kobakhidze joined PH International in April of 2008. He has extensive experience working with international organizations and donor funded projects in Georgia. Archil is an Professor at the American University for Humanities and a former Fulbright Scholar (Business College, San Jose State University). Before joining PH International, he served as the LFL Project Chief Accountant at World Vision International in Georgia. Archil is also the author of a number of publications on Business Administration.
Nana Ioseliani-Meissner
English Language Programs Manager

Nana Ioseliani-Meissner joined PH International in June 2009 bringing extensive international experience in a multi-cultural context to the team. Before joining PH International, Nana worked as Communications and Public Relations Specialist in UNDP Kyrgyzstan, as well as Communications Assistant in the World Bank/ Eritrea and the Training Manager Assistant of the UN funded Capacity Building Program in Sudan. Prior to her international experience, Nana worked for International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in Georgia as Communication, Reporting and Tracing Officer and for International Rescue Committee (IRC) as a Training Unit Manager / Capacity Building Program. Nana holds M.A. in English from Kutaisi Ak.Tsereteli State University.
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