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Страна: Грузия
Даты: 01.04.2008 - 30.04.2013
Веб-сайт: http://www.glsp.ge/

The Georgian Legal Socialization Program (GLSP) implemented by PH International and funded by the U.S. Department of State Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) started in 2008, with partnership of The Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia and The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia. The program aims at increased public safety, juvenile crime prevention and civil society development through raising the youth awareness in juvenile justice matters, building/ promoting trust among the students, teachers and law enforcement officers, introduction and promotion of principles of restorative justice. 

In order to attain to its objectives and overall goal, the program is implementing the number of components, namely: Legal Culture Classes in approximately 100 public schools in 6 regions throughout Georgia, conducted jointly by the police officer and civic education teacher; Social Media at School (SMS) allows the students to transform the knowledge acquired during the classes into practical actions for juvenile crime prevention though use of social media. Peer Clubs of Legal Education encourage peer education approach and project-based activities. 

GLSP played significant role in bringing up and clarifying the notion of restorative justice and facilitated to Juvenile Diversion and Mediation Program introduced by the Ministry of Justice of Georgia in 2010. GLSP organizes trainings for representative of governmental institutions and mediators involved in the Diversion and Mediation Program and facilitates to sharing international experience by professional exchanges to the US and Armenia as well as by bringing foreign experts to Georgia. 

Last couple of years Georgia Legal Socialization Program provided curriculum development and publishing of students and teachers’ textbooks “Legal Culture” for the 9th graders, “Basics of Legal Culture” for the 7th graders in Armenian and Azerbaijani languages, has developed the manual for public schools disciplinary committees, translated and published useful resources in the field of restorative justice.

20.05.2013 | GLSP Participant Students Visit Forensics Division of MIA
On May 17, students of Tbilisi Public School #22 visited Forensic-Criminalistics Main Division of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia..
17.04.2013 | Peer Clubs of Legal Education Ready for Independent Work
A final Youth Camp, held April 3-9, 2013 in Bakuriani, Georgia, served as the culmination of the Peer Legal Education Clubs component of PH's highly successful Georgia Legal Socialization Program.
18.03.2013 | Samtredia Legal Clubs Public Presentation and Flash-Mob
On March 16, Peer Clubs of Legal Education of Samtredia Public Schools #10 and #11organized presentation of Clubs’ projects and activities at Samtredia municipal center.
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17.05.2010 | Students from Public School # 165 Visit the Forensics Department of the Main Division of Tbilisi Police
On March 5, students from GLSP Public School # 165 visited the Forensics Department of the Main Division of Tbilisi Police. The students were accompanied by the civic education teacher, law enforcement officer, school principal and GLSP staff. Rati Kandareli, Chief of the Forensics Department, welcomed the students and delivered a short introductory speech. Specialists from the Forensics Department demonstrated various tools and techniques they use to collect evidence at crime scenes. One of the senior criminalists of the department presented a slideshow on how the police investigated a crime committed by juveniles at one of the public schools in Tbilisi. The students asked a lot of questions and were very impressed by friendliness and professionalism of the criminalists.
17.05.2010 | Rustavi School #10 Stages a Mock Court Session in a Court Chamber
Students from Rustavi Public School #10 presented a mock court session at the Rustavi District Court on February 28, 2010. Students, teachers and administration of the Public School #10 were joined by Mamuka Akhvlediani, Chairman of Rustavi District Court; Besik Jugheli, Chief of Rustavi Police Department; David Maisuradze, Chief of Rustavi Probation Office, and Nana Vasadze, Head of Public Relations Department of the Supreme Court of Georgia.
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