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10.05.2007 | idea | Anastasia Mingaleva: Virtual Tours as the Foundation for Real-Life Tourism
After taking an IDEA course in “Basics of Working with the Internet and the World Wide Web” Anastasia Mingalyova, a student from Chelyabinsk majoring in tourism management and hotel industry, began using Internet resources for creating her own tourism database featuring information on popular resorts, tours and hotels.

10.05.2007 | ccf | Cooperation of Lviv and Portland, Oregon

Community Connections Program participant, Andriy Shulskyy, successfully advocates energy- saving projects in Lviv.  In autumn 2006, a group of representatives from the Lviv region traveled to Portland, Oregon to see and learn about energy-saving programs used by businesses and government in the state. Participants of the Energy Efficiency Program studied the experience of American energy companies in using renewable sources of energy and the system of financing energy-saving projects. After his return to Ukraine, Andriy Shulskyy introduced a number of changes and conducted various events to promote energy-saving technologies in his community 

10.05.2007 | idea | Stanislav Kolesnik: Working On a Cook Book
After taking an IDEA computer course Stanislav Kolesnik, a senior citizen from Kemerovo, was finally able to realize his long-standing dream and begin compiling a mushroom cook book using the recipes from his personal collection.

09.05.2007 | idea | Ludmila Kharitonova: Onwards to New Achievements!
Ludmila Kharitonova, a faculty member of a local vocational college, is practically an old-stager of the IDEA Center in the Chelyabinsk public research library. Since the very first day of the Center’s existence she has been attending its computer courses and seminars, ever striving to grow professionally, moving onwards to new achievements and keeping abreast of the newest developments in the teaching profession.

09.05.2007 | idea | Valentina Azbukina: A New Job, A New Life
After taking several IDEA courses and acquiring modern IT skills, Valentina Azbukina, a 56-year-old retiree from Petropavlovsk-Kamchatski, left her old low-paid job of a night guard and found a far more interesting and prestigious position.
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