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04.05.2007 | idea | Veronica Danilova: Planning to Be a Secretary
It was almost by accident that in February 2007 Veronica Danilova from Togliatti, a young girl with a difficult past, found herself participating in an IDEA computer course. However after completing the course she was able to make some important career decisions.

03.05.2007 | idea | Andrei Kolodin: Winning a Grant after Taking an IDEA Course
Andrei Kolodin from Yekaterinburg is the leader and sole staff worker of the public organization whose main mission is rehabilitation of disabled children. Thanks to the knowledge and skills acquired during the IDEA course, Andrei Kolodin has been using the Internet for attracting funds and investments and has already won an important grant for his organization.

03.05.2007 | idea | Elena Urozhenko: IDEA Courses as the First Step towards the Dream
A few months after taking computer courses at the IDEA Educational Center, sponsored by the Microsoft Unlimited Potential Project, Elena Urozhenko, a music major from Yekaterinburg, found a job in her field which calls for using modern IT technologies. Now she dreams of opening her own recording studio.

02.05.2007 | idea | IDEA Courses Help Find Employment
Vitaly Vendin was out of work and looking for employment. Completing an IDEA course in basic computer skills in February 2007 gave him sufficient knowledge and skills for landing a well-paid job.

02.05.2007 | idea | Tatiana Kurilla: Using New Knowledge and Skills in Teaching
In September 2006 Tatiana Kurilla from Volgograd took a course in basic computer skills along with a number of other people looking for employment. Almost immediately after completing the course she found a teaching job in one of the local schools and ever since has been using her new knowledge and skills in her teaching.
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