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28.04.2007 | idea | Natalia Fedoseeva: Life Goes On!
In 2006 Natalia Fedoseeva, a visually impaired young woman, took a course in “Basics of Working with the Internet and the World Wide Web,” offered by the IDEA Educational Center in Chita. After completing the course Natalia wrote a research paper on preventing negative emotional conditions among visually impaired people, using hew new computer and Internet skills, typing and formatting the text on the computer all by herself.

28.04.2007 | idea | Olga Linnik: Landed a New Job!
After completing a course in basic computer skills at the IDEA Educational Center of the Kamchatka public research library and thus providing herself with new knowledge and, consequently, new opportunities, Olga Linnik, who had been temporarily out of work, was able to find herself a job she wanted in a travel agency.

28.04.2007 | idea | Graduates of the Nizhny Novgorod boarding school for the blind and visually impaired create a joint presentation about their alma mater
Sponsored by the Microsoft Unlimited Potential project, a group of senior students from the Nizhny Novgorod boarding school for the blind and visually impaired took five computer courses, developed by Microsoft specialists. The students learned to search for relevant materials on the Internet and were able to type and format research papers for their finals. Moreover they were able to create a joint PowerPoint presentation about their own school, its teachers and most memorable events from their school life. They have recorded the presentation on CDs and are planning to give the CDs as gifts to their teachers at the graduation ceremony.

27.04.2007 | idea | New Educational Technologies
In 2006 the Nizhny Novgorod school for the blind and visually impaired became a participant of the Microsoft Unlimited Potential initiative through the IDEA Project. As the result, the teachers have been able to develop and implement a totally new and unconventional educational technology: module training in computer skills. The new type of computer training helps students to acquire excellent typing skills much faster.

27.04.2007 | idea | Natalia Kushnikova: Computerizing the Library’s Record System
After taking a course in Microsoft Access at the IDEA Educational Center, Natalia Kushnikova, the director of Shumilov Center for Family Reading in Cheboksary, created a database for various categories of the Center’s readers (children from low-income families, the disabled, war veterans, etc.). The new system allows the library’s workers to monitor and respond to their clients’ requests and interests much more promptly and efficiently.
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