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13.05.2007 | idea | Marina Kuznetzova: A New Professional Tool
Marina Kuznetzova is a speech therapist in one of the day care centers of Petrozavodsk. After taking a computer course at the IDEA Educational Center she knows that Internet resources can provide her with substantial professional help.

13.05.2007 | idea | Ludmila Gavrilova: New Volunteer Work
Knowledge and skills acquired during the IDEA computer course have enabled Ludmila Gavrilova, a senior citizen from Krasnoyarsk, to elevate her social status and activize her participation in public work through volunteering for the Norilsk Community Association.

12.05.2007 | idea | Eugenia Doronkina: From Introductory Training to Developing a Winning Project
Eugenia Doronkina is a leading PR specialist of the Sakhalin public research library. The courses in "Basic Computer Skills” and “Basics of PowerPoint" that she took at the IDEA Educational Center proved to be extremely useful in her work. Equipped with new computer knowledge and skills, Eugenia developed her own presentation and entered it into the all-Russian contest of social projects “Our Parents.” Her project won the first prize, and Eugenia received a grant that has allowed the library to buy computer equipment for training the elderly in basic computer skills.

12.05.2007 | idea | Kristina Maslyonina: Changing Life for the Better Thanks to IDEA Courses
Kristina Maslyonina, a high school student from Izhevsk, took an IDEA course in basic computer skills along with other teenagers from the Central Children’s Home of the Udmurt Republic. Her new knowledge and skills have proved especially useful and important since they have enabled Kristina to get in touch with her sister who lives in another town. Besides Kristina has found an interesting summer job with the prospect of permanent employment in the future.

11.05.2007 | idea | Vladimir Balobanov: IDEA Courses Help Find Employment
After taking several IDEA courses Vladimir Balobanov, a former military officer from Izhevsk, was able not only to find an interesting and prestigious job but also to achieve significant career growth in a very short time.
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