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Cisco Networking Academies for Public Service (CNAPS) Program

Country: Russia
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Cisco Networking Academies for Public Service (CNAPS) Program,was a collaboration between PH International, Cisco Systems Inc. and USAID/Moscow. It brought together the skills, perspectives and resources of the private sector (represented by Cisco), the non-profit sector (represented by PH International and local partners), and the public sector (represented by USAID, local Russian employment offices and regional administrations) to promote/develop a culture of public service among Information Technology (IT) professionals while increasing their level of expertise. The CNAPS program drew upon the Cisco Networking Academy coursework and developed local training institutes (Networking Academies) as a sustainable delivery sources for that coursework. The IT skills development was supplemented by classes on volunteerism and public service, and with an applied learning focus students enrolled in the Academies were required to offer their skills to build the capacity of local organizations providing services, including local NGOs, schools, libraries, health care clinics, etc. In this way the local service providers built their IT networking capacity and the students built practical experience in developing network services for clients, while also learning of the benefits public service can bring.








Success Stories

Employers of Orphanage will serve the Children Much Better | 16 Apr 2012

Orphanage #2 in Petrozavodsk urgently needed a qualified IT-specialist. Computers of social workers who worked at the orphanage were not connected to the Internet and five computers didn’t work at all.

Alexey Schelkanov, CNAPS program volunteer of Cisco Networking Academy in Petrozavodsk, took the responsibility to solve these two big problems.
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Success in Orphanage N9 of Ufa | 2 Apr 2012

Russian statistics say that more than half of children who grew up in orphanages don’t become successful in their life and don’t contribute to the society. Many of them abuse alcohol, get involved in criminal activities, don’t hold a job and wind up in prison. That’s why the Russian Government is interested to involve orphanage children in Information Technologies and develop their interest and IT skills to help them to transition from institutional life to professional careers.
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CNAPS Volunteers Have Helped Launch Innovational Workshop “Educational Robotics» | 18 Jan 2012

In Medvedevo village, outside of Yoshkar-Ola City, there is a regional Center for Youth and Children’s Creative Technics. The center established a classroom lab that is called «Educational Robotics». The goals and objectives of the lab are ambitious and innovative: to develop pedagogical techniques of engineering and technical education for students as an after school program. It will help to develop creative technics and primary engineering thinking skills among children and teenagers.
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