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Russian American History Video Contest 2018 Results | fort ross | 21 Feb 2018

"Project Harmony, Inc." (PH International), with the support of the U.S. Embassy in the Russian Federation, is proud to announce the winners of the Russian American History Video Contest 2018.  What will you discover? We received 47 creative and exciting videos. Project topics ranged greatly from the life of Samantha Smith, to the Soviet pilot, Valery Chkalov’s, pioneer polar flight from Europe to the American Pacific Coast, to the creation of the International Space Station.

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IT Wings Encourage Kids Afflicted with TB to Soar! | it for youth | 23 Oct 2017

Among the extensive network of IT for Youth Russia coding clubs, one club stands out as uniquely impactful.  The club is based at the Novokuznetsk Special Boarding School for Kids afflicted with tuberculosis who have been abandoned by their parents.

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Girls Take Fashion Hi-Tech in Kirov! | it for youth | 31 Aug 2017

The Kirov IT for Youth Center, within the DigiGirlz campaign, hosts an IT Girls event to inspire girls to embrace technology.

Over 150 girls from schools across Kirov, Russia attended an IT Girls event to explore exciting career opportunities in technology, communicate with IT professionals about real life experiences, and participate in hands-on technology workshops.  One of the young girls in attendance, Olesya Shamova, admits she went to the event just to hang out with friends.  She had no idea she would truly find her life-calling that day!

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DigiGirls 2017 | it for youth | 24 Apr 2017

From March 14h through April 14th, 2017, PH International successfully held the DigiGirlz campaign in Russia within Microsoft IT for Youth project. The goal of the campaign was to ignite girls’ interest in technology studies and IT careers, and give them the opportunity to discover their full potential with the help of technology and explore their possible IT-career paths.

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Enjoy Fort Ross Quests! | fort ross | 6 Mar 2017

In 2016-2017 "Journey From Fort Ross” competition teams have created colorful, exciting and informative resources about the former Russian settlement in California and the mutual Russian-American history. We would like to share these quests with you!

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"Journey from Fort Ross” 2017 Contest Winners | fort ross | 22 Feb 2017

This year’s winners are:

- The FORTune of ROSS from Moscow (team leader Natalia Maslova);

- Big Fish from Tula (team leader Evgeniy Mundrievskiy);

These teams will travel to the United States in July 2017 and visit Fort Ross during its annual Summer Festival.

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Album of Impressions Fort Ross Winners 2016 | fort ross | 2 Dec 2016

Fort Ross Founder's countrymen from Cherepovets, Vologda Region and PILGRIMS from Orekhovo‐Zuevo, Moscow Region winning teams traveled to the United States on July 21‐ August 4, 2016 and visited Fort Ross during its annual Summer Festival. 

Fort Ross is very beautiful, cozy, comfortable and inspiring! Danil Lisoy, Cherepovets When I just started to read about Fort Ross, there was one thing that immediately stuck in my mind ‐ a story about Native American tribe ‐ Kasaya Pomo. I really wanted to see them, to watch their dances and, perhaps, to talk to them. My dream has come true!

Daria Obladan, Orekhovo‐Zuevo

My heart is filled with sincere admiration and gratitude to those ordinary people, who for many, many years, preserve, maintain and restore the "Russian heritage", who work on organizing historical and seasonal themed festivals to let people remember and not forget their history, their roots, to maintain and develop good‐neighborly relations.

Tatiana Nosareva, Orekhovo‐Zuevo 

We crossed the Atlantic Ocean, opened dynamic New York city, met Lady of Liberty. We drove by bus to hot white‐stone Washington, visited all the Smithsonian museums and even got registered in the Library of Congress. Then we crossed North America over amazing landscapes, saw the most beautiful Golden Gate Bridge in the atmospheric city of San Francisco. We drove along the breathtaking serpentine road, admiring stunning views: the omnipresent shade, sharp rocks, frightening crevasses, towering mountains, incredible storming Pacific Ocean. Finally we came to Fort Ross the place we have dreamed to visit.

Evgeny Sovietov, Cherepovets

To sum up my impressions I should say that I was overwhelmed by the whole range of feelings that have swept over me. New cultures, new cities and new people! During the first few days of the trip, I did not even realize where I was. But now when everything is settled, I can tell you how glad I am that we took part in this competition. After all, we have not only won it, but we overcame ourselves. Now there is nothing we can't do!

Nikita Kondeikin, Orekhovo‐Zuevo 

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Journey from Fort Ross | fort ross | 2 Nov 2016

"Project Harmony, Inc." (PH International), with the support of the U.S. Embassy in the Russian Federation, is proud to announce the third year of the Fort Ross Quest Contest – “Journey from Fort Ross”.

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Nationwide network of volunteers | it for youth | 27 Oct 2016

One of the most significant recent achievements of IT4Youth has been launching the nationwide network of volunteer-led after school coding clubs to provide young people from all backgrounds with the chance to start/continue their Computer Science education and learn programming skills that are becoming a necessary requisite for many technology careers.

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Digital Girls in IT for Youth | it for youth | 17 May 2016

During the last week of April 2016, in cooperation with Microsoft, PH International with its IT for Youth project hosted the DigiGirlz events in Russia! The events were held within Microsoft global initiative #MAKEWHATSNEXT and aimed at igniting girls’ interest in technology studies and IT careers, and giving them the opportunity to discover their full potential with the help of technology and explore their possible IT-career paths.  

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