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GE CALLS Getting Ready for the Pilot Year

On July 1, 2013 PH International started a new program Georgia Community Action and Linkages for Legal Socialization (GE CALLS). The goal of GE CALLS program is to prevent/reduce recurrence of juvenile delinquency and continue progress towards adoption of restorative justice approaches in cooperation with GoG, local communities, NGOs, private sector and international community. In order to achieve the overall goals, GE CALLS will work in several directions in the framework of the following components: 1. School prevention programs 2. Supporting community initiatives 3. Supporting development of Diversion and Mediation Program The following activities will be carried out throughout the program pilot year: - Introduce and implement Legal Culture course in 20 schools in 4 regions of Georgia - Support and assist schools in development of crime-prevention work plans - Triggering prevention initiatives of local youth associations and NGOs via partial funding of various projects - Delivering respective teaching materials to selected schools - Number of trainings for various program-involved parties (district police-officers, school principals, school resource officers, teachers, representatives of sub-grant program winner NGOs, mediators, social workers, prosecutors etc.) - Organize various types of conferences in cooperation with partners (e.g. conference on juvenile justice, regional conferences for sharing results and outcomes of implemented projects etc.) GE CALLS will constantly implement the monitoring of all the activities alongside with assessment and evaluation of their results and outcomes.

Our Partners

Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia

Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia

Ministry of Justice of Georgia
Center for Crime Prevention and Innovative Programs

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