On April 29, US Peace Corps volunteers Erin Hardesty and Emily Height organized an enrichment activity on volunteerism and active citizenship for Ozurgeti Access Program students. During the session, the volunteers spoke about the history and importance of volunteerism in the USA. Students generated ideas on the ways and opportunities of the youth engagement in volunteer activities in rural settings of Guria. The PCVs showed short videos on volunteerism, which were later discussed by the students. The entire session was very interactive. According to the students, the Peace Corps Volunteers inspired them with the ideas of volunteerism and gave them what to think about during summer vacations.
On April 28 American Corner at Gori Central Library hosted the Access Program students from Gori. In her opening speech, Inga Kasradze, American Corner Coordinator welcomed the students and briefed them about the history of American corners and a variety of books available there. After the coordinator’s speech, Access Program students made short presentations about the first president of the United States, the Star-Spangled Banner and the capital city of Washington D.C, which they prepared especially for the enrichment activity using the PowerPoint projector. The presentations were followed by interactive games and competitions based on the information presented.
The American Corner in Akhaltsikhe hosted the Access Program students on April 27. Among the invited guest were Ann Martin, Executive Director of PH International and Berdia Natsvilishvili, Director of PH International Georgia Office. Zaira Keleptrishvili, Coordinator of Akhaltsikhe American Corner greeted the students and briefed them about the history and functions of the American Corner. The day continued with a presentation on American customs and holidays delivered by Peace Corps Volunteers Sarah Penrod and Ben Miller. Videos depicting the celebration of the 4th of July, Thanksgiving and Halloween caused a lot of interest among the students. The presentation was followed by Q & A session and interactive games related to the topic of American customs and holidays.
On April 7, Access Program in Gori hosted Corrie Weins, English Language Fellow, who made a presentation on Education System in the United States. Corrie Weins described the three main types of schools in America and talked of the lifestyle and routine of the American students. Corrie’s presentation was followed by a short film about the daily life of one of Chicago schools.
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