22.11.2012 | Access Program Students in Akhaltsikhe Discuss Television Series "Connect with English"

On November 22, December 3, and December 20, Access Program in Akhaltsikhe devoted two hour sessions to watching and discussing television series Connect with English.

Through the story of Rebecca, an aspiring singer on a journey across America, Connect with English touches on life's important issues: leaving home, parenting, education, work, love, success, and loss. All of the characters use meaningful, natural language that students can put to work immediately in their own lives. Each episode features dialogue that is slightly slowed down and subtly simplified. Key lines are repeated, idioms paraphrased, and important events retold.

Throughout the three two hour sessions students:

Learned everyday expressions: While watching, students made notes on unknown expressions and or phrases they heard. By the end of the movie piece, they wrote the new phrases on the flipchart and guessed their meanings with the help of teacher’s hints.

Listed sub topics and titles for each video piece they watched: Students listed the topics while watching the movie piece and compared them with their classmates through discussion. Each part of the movie was replayed to allow students to make subtitles for each part. Chosen titles were later discussed in the class and students had to argue for their choice.

Held discussion panels: After watching a 15-minute episode, students were given time to reflect in groups and ask questions to one another. Then, representatives from each group sat in front of the class and held a discussion panel (similar to the way it is done in the video).

Described main characters: Students worked in groups to brainstorm on the main characters of a given episode. When finished, they wrote the descriptions they came up with on the flipcharts (one for each character) placed on the walls of the classroom. At the end of the activity, complied characteristics were read aloud and further discussed.

Did story mapping: after each episode, students wrote a short summary paragraph on a piece of paper and hung it up on the wall in the order that events took place. First, the class brainstormed the major events that took place in the episode; then, they dictated the summary paragraph to the teacher who wrote it on flipchart paper.
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