29.11.2012 | Access Program in Kutaisi Devotes an Enrichment Activity to Halloween

On November 29, Access Program in Kutaisi devoted an enrichment activity to Halloween and its celebration in the United States. Prior to the enrichment activity, Access students had worked in groups and searched relevant materials online to prepare their group presentations and draw parallels between American “Halloween” and Georgian “Chiakokonoba” (festival of pagan origins still celebrated in rural areas of Georgia a week prior to Easter).

During the enrichment session, Access students made their group presentations, asked and answered each other’s questions, played guessing games and engaged in group competitions. At the end of the activity students wrote their reflections on the cards, evaluating their own event and expressing the impression. There are the photos depicting the whole process.

“We had so much fun today and in the same time, we learned so much, it is hard to believe!” said Luka Gabunia, Access Program student from Kutaisi. “I wish we could have more sessions like this one!”

“It never occurred to me learning could be so much fun! This has been my very first enrichment activity in this Program and I cannot wait for more to come! I am so happy to be in this Program!” admitted Mariam Geladze, Access Program’s youngest participant from Kutaisi.
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