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Moldova Legal Socialization Program

Country: Moldova
Category: Educational Development Programs


The Legal Socialization in Moldovan Schools Program (MLSP) aims to strengthen the rule of law, support Moldovan communities in preventing juvenile delinquency, and develop a positive relationship between juveniles and law enforcement authorities. It will do this through an integrated approach that educates youth on the law, raises awareness on community problems such as domestic violence, sexual assault, and trafficking, and develops cooperative partnerships among youth, educators, law enforcement authorities, and the larger community.

MLSP will educate youth at a critical age about the rule of law and legal issues using youth-oriented approaches that result in a greater respect for the rule of law. This contributes to a lower incidence of crime by participating youth and creates a more pervasive culture of understanding about and upholding of the rule of law.

The program builds and develops positive relationships between juveniles and law enforcement authorities. Establishing positive interactions between youth and police in the classroom and through supplemental activities such as afterschool clubs and service-oriented projects improve trust and public confidence in the police. The program reinforces partnerships among ministries and institutions working with youth on rule of law issues and develops new relationships between these bodies, youth and their families.

Program News

Moldovan pilot schools together with police participate in the Small Grants Program competition | 25 Nov 2020

Moldovan pilot schools together with police are submitting applications for participation in the Small Grants Program competition for community projects.

From October 26-29, 2020, students, teachers, and police officers from the pilot regions of the Legal Socialization Program in Schools in the Republic of Moldova (MLSP) participated in two face-to-face, two-day action planning workshops on community engagement. 
The purpose of this activity was to contribute to the strengthening of partnerships between pilot schools, students, and local police inspectorates by providing support for the implementation of local projects and community safety actions following the philosophy and principles of community policing and the legal socialization of young people. The teaching teams and students are using the project proposal writing abilities gained during the workshops to develop projects that address community and school safety issues.

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"Education for Legal Socialization" classes have started in Moldovan pilot-schools | 11 Sep 2020

Beginning with the first week of the new school year the delivery of the optional course "Education for Legal Socialization" has started in pilot-schools from Cahul, Floresti, Soroca, Straseni, Ungheni districts and Chisinau municipality as part of the Moldovan Legal Socialization Program (MLSP).

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Workshop for the teachers who will pilot the Afterschool clubs “STEM & Forensics” in schools | 28 Aug 2020

On August 24, 2020, a training workshop for 24 teachers participating in the PH’s Moldova Legal Socialization Program took place in Chișinău. Beginning in September 2020 the teachers will conduct the “STEM & Forensics” enrichment activities for the 8th - 10th graders in pilot schools representing Straseni, Ungheni, Floresti, Soroca, Cahul, Causeni and Glodeni districts and Chisinau municipality.

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