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SEEKING A Finance Manager

Published: 20.04.2021

About PH International

PH International (Project Harmony, Inc.) is an international non-profit with over 35 years of experience focusing on civic engagement, cross cultural learning, and increased opportunities in the digital age. The PH U.S. headquarter office is located in Waitsfield, Vermont with field offices in Armenia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, and Ukraine with projects also being implemented in other countries.

PH International strives towards a world where individuals and communities work across boundaries to address challenges with solutions rooted in cultural understanding, inspired by a sense of shared responsibility, strengthened by individuals empowered with practical skills and knowledge, and sustained through open communication, exchange, and friendship.

Staying close to our Vermont roots and hometown values applied in an international arena has set us apart as a uniquely equipped player in the international field. The quality and integrity of that work has earned recognition and trust from remarkably diverse partners and governments, contributing to our sustained presence in very challenging locations and times. As an organization that embraces challenge and strives for innovation, we seek partners that are results based and who believe, as we do, that working from a place of integrity and optimism will open creative potential that could never be achieved alone.


Established:  1985

Employees:  60 full-time and 6 part-time

Number of Current Programs:  67

Annual Budget:  $7.5 million

Position Responsibilities:

PH International is seeking a full-time Finance Manager based out of our headquarters office in Waitsfield, Vermont. The Finance Manager is a leadership position in the organization and provides oversight for all accounting and financial functions.  The successful candidate will have demonstrated experience in non-profit accounting, business management, and organizational leadership. Knowledge of grant management and compliance is a must. International experience is a plus.

The Finance Manager position comprises three specific functional areas:

Organization Financial and Administrative Support (60% LOE):

The Finance Manager spends most of his/her efforts supporting the organization’s financial operations and overall growth, ensuring newly developed funds are integrated into PH as a whole as well as providing compliance and risk management oversight.  The following examples highlight category efforts:

  • Provide reviews of new program budgets, budget notes and amendments ensuring program finances are consistent across programs and new funding supplements are logically planned and projected.
  • Support the development team not only with new fund budget creation, but also advise and supply data for fund amendments and LOEs across all associated programs.
  • Guide the processes associated with all PH checklist (program and subaward) creation from start to finish.
  • Monitor and ensure that internal procedures are followed for new awards, cost share collection and reporting, sub recipient monitoring and reporting, and procurement.
  • Assure that all financial records are in compliance with GAAP and OMB Circulars and other specific grant requirements and provide compliance guidance to staff as needed/ requested.
  • Advise on compliance with state and federal insurance and tax laws.
  • Provide training and support to other staff as needed.
  • Work with Senior Management to manage and lead organizational initiatives and planning; including oversight of the annual General and Administrative budget.
  • Provide hands on financial guidance to Country Directors and Program Managers to ensure adherence to organizational and funder procedures and regulations.
  • Assist Senior Staff in the writing and development of key operational policies and procedures, including risk management planning.
  • Lead financial report preparation and reporting for Senior Management and the Finance Committee of the Board of Directors.
  • Manage and oversee the annual organizational budget creation process.
  • Monitor organizational investments and line of credit.

Supervise and Collaborate with Senior Accountant (20% LOE):

This category includes organizational tasks requiring the review and approval of staff involved with the actual processing of data, document, and report creation. Consequently, mutual review of colleagues’ work is fundamental to the accounting and financial staff duties.  As a member of the senior management team, the Finance Manager is integral to the efforts of the organization to process sustainability, innovation and evaluation. The following examples highlight category efforts:

  • Work with the Overseas Finance Manager, Chief Information Officer, Senior Accountant and others to identify new solutions to accounting and reporting challenges.
  • Perform general accounting functions, including review of monthly, quarterly, and annual closings of fiscal records; review and approval of reports, invoices, journal entries, and transactions; preparation of monthly account reconciliations.
  • Strategize efforts to continuously improve systems, processes, and utilization of accounting software and the virtual office.
  • Provide monthly and quarterly crosschecks of QuickBooks and VO closures along with review of associated documents such as bank reconciliations.
  • Facilitate annual organizational audits, 990 & FBAR filings, and NICRA proposals. 
  • Review and approve all general journal and bill payment entries into QuickBooks.
  • Review and approve internal documents (BVAs, checklists, cost-share reports).
  • Provide cash management oversight for all grants.

Back-Up for Senior Accountant (20% LOE):

The Finance Manager is required to maintain the necessary skills and knowledge to provide direct support and back-up to the Vermont Senior Accountant when she/he is on vacation, sick, or otherwise in need of support.  The following examples highlight category efforts:

  • Issuing payments by wire
  • Processing invoice payments, issuing checks
  • Handling all other routine tasks necessary for continued operations

Start Date


Salary Range

$90 - $100K commensurate with experience.


Benefits include medical insurance and generous CTO (combined time off).

How to Apply

Individuals interested in this position should apply by sending a resume, cover letter, and answers to the questions below, to with “Finance Manager - Full Name” in the subject line.  PH International complies with all federal requirements for hiring and employment. No phone calls please.

Please submit your answers to these questions as part of your application:

1) Let us know why you are interested in working with an international development non-profit organization.

2) Tell us about a key project you worked on that helped prepare you for this position. What was your specific role? What was its impact? Were there obstacles you had to overcome? What did you learn from this process and how do think this project prepared you for working with PH?

3) Tell us about the challenges that you feel come with working with a finance team that is global and factors that contribute to working successfully in multi-national teams. What do you think your learning curve will be in this position?

4) This position requires both financial and administrative responsibilities.  Tell us about how you see these roles relating to each other.

5) Tell us about your ties to Vermont and your interest in living and working here as well as your availability for work at the Waitsfield office headquarters.

Application Deadline

May 24, 2021


Teacher of English Language_Access Program_Izmail, Odesa Oblast

Published: 05.11.2020

PH International Ukraine


Terms of Reference


Job/Position Title:                 Teacher of English Language

Compensation Category:      Temporary, Part-time

Expected Start Date:             Immediately

Expected End Date:              July 2020

Supervision received from: Regional English Language Office of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine, and

PH International Ukraine

Location:                               Izmail

Deadline for Applications:  Interviews are held on a rolling basis. If successful candidates are identified, the vacancies will close without notice.


  1. Background Information


PH International (also known as Project Harmony, Inc.) is an international, non-profit, professional and educational exchange and training organization is seeking potential candidates for two English teacher positions in Izmail (Odesa Oblast). The successful teachers will deliver English language training and cultural activities for youth within the 2020 – 2022 English Access Microscholarship Program (or Access Program) implemented by PH International with support from the U.S. Department of State and the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine (


Access is a two-year program (360 hours) that provides an opportunity for motivated 13 to 15 year-olds from underserved and low-income families to learn about U.S. culture and values, deepen their knowledge of the English language, develop leadership skills, and take an active part in the development of Ukraine. The program consists of two components:

1) English language lessons according to the students’ level, and

2) Cultural activities that build understanding of the United States. 


The Access Program seeks suitable candidates to fill in two English Teacher positions in Izmail.


The ideal candidates should be innovative teachers of English who value meaningful communication, content-based activities, and a student-centered learning environment.  Self-development is also a key aim of Access Enhancement Activities, which often takes place outside of the classroom. Far less emphasis is placed on traditional approaches to language teaching, for example, grammar, testing, and rote memorization.  In short, the experiences of Access students should differ markedly from their experiences in regular English classes.


  1. Responsibilities of Access English Teacher


The objective of the Access English Teacher Position is to deliver the Access Program classes and cultural activities as specified further by this job description.

The teacher’s responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Selecting appropriate textbooks and materials that reach the program objectives.
  • Developing a course syllabus that clearly outlines the topics of the classes and expectations of the students.
  • Developing and implementing quality lesson plans according to the Access Program objectives.
  • Holding classes and conduct enhancement activities in accordance with the schedule and curriculum approved by the Access Provider.
  • Designing evaluation materials to properly assess student’s progress in accordance with the benchmarks established at the start of the program;
  • Conduct student assessments on a regular basis.
  • Submit progress reports according to the schedule established by the Access Provider.
  • Ensure student portfolios are filed, accessible and frequently updated.
  • Monitoring and regularly updating dossiers of the students’ attendance and notifying the coordinator of students’ progress through regular written reports.
  • Developing, planning, and implementing the enhancement activities according to the Access Program objectives and duties listed above.
  • Ensuring the health and safety of the students during planned classes and activities.
  • Seeking to improve methodical and pedagogical skills through participation in seminars, lessons offered by visiting experienced colleagues, and self-directed professional development.


  1. Qualification Requirements


Teachers’ qualifications may include but are not limited to:

  • Holding university degree(s) with the qualification “English Language Teacher” and at least three years of experience working with pupils/students.
  • Strong desire and motivation to work with disadvantaged youth.
  • Dedication to working with Access students through June 2022.
  • Ability to organize and participate in enhancement and out-of-class activities.
  • Willingness to attend professional development and Access Program events organized by the U.S. Embassy.
  • Availability for about 2-3 hours a week in the afternoons on weekdays or on the weekends during regular school semesters through June 2022.
  • Availability for intensive sessions during a three-day long residential intensive session (‘summer camp’) that is going to be organized for Access students in June 2022.
  • Basic knowledge of and appreciation for U.S. society and culture, especially as it refers to the holidays such as Earth Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving, and other.
  • Basic computer skills with Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint), an Internet browser (Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Netscape, etc.), and e-mail.

A competitive remuneration for teachers is foreseen based on the number of class hours.


  1. Selection Process


  1. Only pre-selected candidates will be contacted either by PH Ukraine or Regional English Language Office of the U.S. Embassy in Ukraine which will interview the pre-selected candidates.
  2. Please, note that interviews may be held on a rolling basis, and, if the successful teachers are identified, the vacancies may close without notice. If you have interest in this position, you are highly recommended to apply as soon as possible upon seeing this announcement.


  1. How to Apply


Please submit the following documents in English via email to: with the note in the subject of the message ‘Access Teacher_Izmail_Your Family Name

  • CV
  • Motivation Letter
  • Short video/s demonstrating your interaction with students would be appreciated (if available)
  • Examples or references to personal programs used in teaching practices (if available)


Deadline for Applications: Interviews are held on a rolling basis. If successful candidates are identified, the vacancies will close without notice.


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