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Workshop for the teachers who will pilot the Afterschool clubs “STEM & Forensics” in schools

Moldova | Moldova Legal Socialization Program | 28 Aug 2020

On August 24, 2020, a training workshop for 24 teachers participating in the PH’s Moldova Legal Socialization Program took place in Chișinău. Beginning in September 2020 the teachers will conduct the “STEM & Forensics” enrichment activities for the 8th - 10th graders in pilot schools representing Straseni, Ungheni, Floresti, Soroca, Cahul, Causeni and Glodeni districts and Chisinau municipality.

The main purpose of the "STEM & Forensics" Afterschool clubs is to help students make connections between their STEM classes to careers and activities in the law enforcement field and to make students more aware of the variety of professions and their academic requirements that can be found under the umbrella of ‘law enforcement’.

"The educational approach to the "STEM & Forensics” extracurricular activities will be ensured by combining several methods such as: hands-on activities, computer-assisted classes by using different forensic research applications, group research clubs for students guided by teachers, visits of mobile forensic laboratories in schools and students’ meetings with experts from the Technical-Forensic Center and Judicial Expertise”, mentioned Iurie Pîntea, PH International Moldova Country Director.

The career of forensic expert implies a lot of knowledge from several fields associated with Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology disciplines. The launch of "STEM & Forensics" Afterschool clubs in schools is very important because it will allow students to become familiar with careers in the field of forensic investigations and judicial expertise, to learn about how to behave in different risky situations and to know how to act in order to keep the evidence on the spot for as long as possible, in case young people are witnesses or victims of various crimes. On behalf of Technical-Forensic Center and Judicial Expertise I express my sincere gratitude to PH International Moldova and I count on the support of teachers to deliver to students in an interactive form notions and knowledge from the world of forensics", said Nicolae Bodrug, Head of the Technical-Forensic Center and Judicial Expertise.

Especially for the forensic enrichment activities a manual and a forensics toolkit for students and teachers were developed aiming to stimulate young people's curiosity, intelligence, energy and passion to learn new things and to research and investigate different situations. “We are a team of enthusiasts who have tried to see the disciplines of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology in a different way. During the practical activities of the Afterschool clubs we will interdisciplinary approach the field of STEM in order to simulate the investigation of crimes ", said Diana Chișca, Dr. in Chemistry, Associate Professor at Tiraspol State University and author of the manual for forensics enrichment activities.

During the training workshop, the participants got acquainted with the curricular documents necessary for organizing the Afterschool clubs and with the content of forensic toolkits which will be used by students during hands-on activities. As well, the teachers participated in a presentation of mobile forensic laboratories, assisted in simulations of following the traces and collecting evidence conducted by real forensic experts, practiced teaching strategies and practical applications based on the STEM concept and were trained in the use of various tools and methods of forensic research.

The Legal Socialization in Moldovan Schools Program is implemented by PH International Moldova and funded by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL). For more information about MLSP, please contact Iurie Pîntea, PH International Moldova Country Director/MLS Program Manager by email: