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Access Summer Camps

Armenia | Building English Language Capacity for Armenian Students and Teachers | 25 Aug 2020

Throughout July 14- August 8, 2020, within the English Access Microscholarship component of the U.S.G-funded “Building English Language Capacity for Armenian Students and Teachers” program, implemented by PH International, 100 Armenian teenagers from 5 regional communities of Vanashen, Surenavan, Arpi, Yeghegnadzor and Ttujur in groups of 20 participated in 20-hour, 4-day online English camps.

The camps were a unique opportunity for the students not only for practicing their English language skills but also for helping them develop their social skills. Over 15 Armenian and American specialists from diverse professional fields joined the camps to share their insights, knowledge and skills with the students on topics that covered career choice, critical thinking, media literacy, gender equality, etc. FLEX and UWC students who are also PHI’s Access program alumni presented the current Access students important information and advice on processes for enrollment in these programs and also shared their personal stories of cross-cultural learning during their overseas studies.

During the reflections discussion of their camp’s final session, Susanna Martirosyan, a student from Surenavan commented: “I had never thought a camp can be online but I just realized it is possible and how interesting and useful it can be. During these 4 days my friends and I learned about FLEX and UWC, two wonderful educational-cultural programs for youth, and now I dream to take part in these programs. We also understood how to use our time effectively, what stereotypes and gender inequality are and how we can break these stereotypes. We received good advice about how we can overcome difficulties, become more confident and successful. This camp was able to change many things in my thinking. I am very thankful to all our organizers and guest speakers who made it happen”.