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Momavlis Taoba (Future Generation) Program is implemented by PH International with the financial support from the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). The program is implemented in partnership with the Centre for Training and Consultancy and 11 regional partner NGOs with participation of 480 schools nationwide, in all regions of Georgia. The purpose of MT is to 1) promote greater  civic engagement of young people; and 2) enhance civil society’s role in promoting transparent and accountable governance at the national and local levels by expanding and institutionalizing secondary school civics education curricula and practical applications.

Program News

The Importance of Civic Education: Students Present Projects & Result | 13 Dec 2017

At the presentation held in Tbilisi’s Public School N186 on Wednesday, students presented their projects realized within the school’s civics club Delta, attended by representatives of the PH International Georgia office, and Laura B. Berger, USAID Georgia’s Democracy, Governance and Social Development Office Deputy Director, who, after being introduced to the students projects, answered their questions about the importance of civics education, sharing with them the existing practices, examples and experiences of civic participation of youth in the US.

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The Taste of Knowledge | 27 Oct 2017

Students and school administrators  at Sachkhere # 2 public school, with the support of parents, created a school cafeteria with the mini-grant funds. A kitchen space was renovated and the kitchen equipment needed to prepare meals and different dishes were purchased. Now, students as well as community members can study the culinary arts and conduct different activities such as cooking competitions and workshops. Volunteer parents and teachers are actively engaged and have developed a set of guidelines for the kitchen’s operation. 

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Movies in the Community | 27 Oct 2017

With the help of the school administration, students of Kutaisi # 7 public school decided to arrange a movie series at their school. The space and technical equipment were donated by the school administration and the projector was purchased with the grant funds. To support increased integration among the school and its community, students offer film screening on a variety of different topics. The films are selected in consultation with local interests and are based on the results of a survey.

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Success Stories

Lado Apkhazava, A Civics Teacher Received National Teacher Award of Georgia | 17 Oct 2017

Lado Apkhazava, a civics teacher from the village Chibati in Guria region of Georgia, received the National Teacher Award. Award ceremony took place in the capital Tbilisi on October 5, World Teachers’ Day.
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Students Advocate for the Improvement of Local Infrastructure | 1 Dec 2016

Students of the Village of Matani Public School #2 in Akhmeta municipality advocated for the improvement of local infrastructure; in particular the system of potable water in the village needed renovation as there was a lack of water and its quality was not suitable for drinking. Students collected signatures of the community members and prepared a request letter addressing Governor of the village.

As the result of the students’ efforts the problem was solved quickly; a new water reservoir with filtration system was installed in the village.
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Rehabilitation of the Park in the village of Lafankuri | 1 Dec 2016

Civics students of the village Lapankuri public school in the Kakheti region, sponsored by a MT program mini-grant project initiated a rehabilitation of the park. Students conducted cleaning and greening actions, besides establishing close cooperation with local authorities, and they provided 1200 GEL.
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