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Success Stories | Program: Momavlis Taoba - Civic Education Program

Partnership between Civics Club and Tbilisi City Hall for Safer Traffic | 1 Dec 2015

Poor pedestrian road facility near Tbilisi Public School #186 had long caused risk for students and other citizens crossing the street near the school. Pedestrian crossing was hard to see as the narkings were wiped clean. Students, parents and school personnel had difficulties when crossing the street to get to the school building.

This problem came to the attention of the “Delta” Civics Club, founded at School #186 in November 2014, in the framework of USAID funded “Future Generation” (MT) project, implemented by PH International and supported by Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia. Since the day of its founding, Civics Club member students carried out different initiatives for their school and community. They advocate for the healthy lifestyle, for the need of environmental protection and human rights education.

Civics Students Generate Income to Support Family House | 23 Oct 2015

A small family-type house, located in Batumi, provides residential services for 6 children under state care. The building, of the family-type house, is damaged and requires immediate rehabilitation. The poor condition of the house was also mentioned in the monitoring report of the Public Defender’s office. The report stated that the conditions of the house was not suitable for the institution. If a decision about the closing of the family-type house is made, residents of the house would be separated from each other and sent to different family-type homes.