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English Access Microscholarship Program

Armenia | English Access Microscholarship Program | 1 Mar 2016

For many Armenian students the “English Access Microscholarship Program” has truly opened doors to the many unique opportunities of personal and academic growth. Quite a number of the graduates of the program have become finalists of the FLEX program and have been accepted to other rigorous international educational programs such as the United World Colleges (UWC) movement.

Manana Hakobyan, of Nor Hachn, is among many of the Armenian students whom Access has helped to rise, become stronger not only in terms of the mastery of English but also psychologically and spiritually and as a result enjoyed enrollment in the Dilijan School of the UWC network. Since 1962 UWC has been an education movement comprised of 15 international schools and colleges, national committees in more than 150 countries and a series of short educational programs. The selection process in Armenia is extremely challenging and only a handful of students are accepted into the program. Manana has been one of the 10 deserving students who, in 2014, received a scholarship to the UWC Dilijan School.

Here is how Manana gives credit to the Access program for the bright changes that happened in her life:

“I remember it was August 18. Enjoying the luxuries of the summer vacation, sun and sea, was my main business at the time when I suddenly received an e-mail from my teacher. From the first glance it was an ordinary daily e-mail. I opened it and started reading: “Would you like to become a part of English Access Microscholarship Program…” Little did I realize that by agreeing I was making a crucial decision which was to change my entire life.”
“When I first entered the classroom where our lessons were usually held I did not have any spectacular feelings or expectations. However, now I can proudly state that along with acquiring English language skills, I grew immensely as an individual. Here I have developed skills such as leadership, cross-cultural respect and teambuilding. The opportunity to interact with many foreign guest speakers helped me to look out of my box and create an intercultural understanding. All these skills were my companions to achieve new goals and meet new successes. The best example to illustrate the significant impact that Access has made in my life is my entrance to UWC Dilijan where I currently study. I am really grateful for have had this opportunity”.