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Break the Language Barriers

Country: Georgia
Category: Information Technology Programs


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Computer and mobile device interfaces are continually being refined and developed and English remains the predominant language used in digital interactions. This means that the majority of Georgians do not currently have access to useful online tools because of the language barrier. To overcome this gap and increase access to its citizens, public-private partnership formed to assists the integration of the Georgian language into different software solutions of Microsoft products that support individual interactions, work performance, and digital information gathering.
This is a nationwide, volunteer effort bringing PH International program’s English language teacher cohort, their students as well their peers and friends who are able to access the special web platform www. and translate as much as Georgian sentences into English, get incentives and engage as much as citizens as possible.
As a result:
  • Microsoft Translator service will integrate the Georgian language into its search capacity
  • Microsoft programs (such as MS office, skype, etc), as well as third party web and mobile applications will accessible in the Georgian language.
Project is implemented in partnership between Microsoft, GeoLab, PH international and Livingstone and is supported by TBC Bank as part of their #writeingeorgian initiative.