PH International

Community Policing Training Initiative

Country: Ukraine
Category: Community Development Programs


The Project Harmony Community Policing Training Initiative (CPTI) was a two-year program (2000-2002) which provided training to Russian and Ukrainian police agencies, as well as education departments, city government and social service providers in the fields of community policing and juvenile narcotics prevention. CPTI is funded by the US State Department's Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs.

Using a strong network of reform-minded leadership within the local, regional and national law enforcement agencies in the NIS that PH developed while delivering other law enforcement trianing programs in the region, CPTI built upon and enhanced this network to promote the concepts and practices of community policing as a strategic new approach to community problem solving, public safety and crime prevention.

Three distinct program components were implemented as part of this project

The Law Enforcement Exchange Program
(Novgorod, Russia and Simferopol, Ukraine)
Two-way exchange programs were conducted with American and NIS Law Enforcement professionals, followed by US and NIS-based Professional Development Workshops on community policing themes.

The Juvenile Drug Enforcement and Prevention Initiative
(Petrozavodsk, Republic of Karelia, Novgorod, Volgograd and Irkutsk, Russia)
Regional implementation of a comprehensive juvenile narcotics prevention initiative was developed and implemented in conjunction with an American-led train-the-trainers program and regional cross training by Russian trainers in four target regions in Russia.

The Community Policing Institute
(Lviv, Ukraine)
A community policing training institute and resource center at the Lviv Institute of Internal Affairs was established, and it development was supported by a two-way exchange program focused on community policing and police retraining programs as well as the creation of web-based community policing training courses.

The three components of CPTI brought US-NIS collaborative law enforcement exchanges to two new communities. It enhanced the innovative work taking place in Karelia on juvenile drug enforcement and prevention and expanded this initiative regionally and nationally across Russia. The establishment of the Community Policing Institute in Lviv, Ukraine consolidated community policing training resources and materials into a sustainable center focused on providing professional development training and education for law enforcement officers across Ukraine. Finally, this entire endeavor to develop community policing initiatives across the NIS was documented and promoted through public outreach efforts at the local, regional and national level, as well as through a comprehensive network of web sites and online resources, ensuring the program wide exposure to diverse audiences across the NIS.