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Bosnia Legal Socialization Program

The main purpose of the initiative is to assist the FBiH stakeholders in strengthening the rule of law and reducing the level of juvenile crime in this country. The pilot initiative will be implemented in the period from January 2017 to November 2018.


It is expected that the initiative will contribute to achieving the following objectives:

1.      Crime among youth is decreased as youth gain a greater understanding and respect for the rule of law, legal issues and law enforcement authorities;

2.      Youth and public confidence in law enforcement is increased as skills and knowledge about the rule of law are applied in community settings in partnership with law enforcement authorities;

3.      Partnerships among federal and canton level Ministries and institutions working with youth on rule of law issues are reinforced and new relationships among these bodies, youth and communities established.

In tackling the issues of juvenile crime, PH will apply an integrated and innovative approach that educates youth on the law, raises community awareness on juvenile justice issues and develops cooperative partnerships between youth, educators, law enforcement and juvenile justice professionals.

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Past Programs

Bosnian Youth Leadership Program

The Project Harmony-ECA Youth Leadership Program for Bosnia-Herzegovina was designed to develop a constituent base of students and educators in B-H with leadership skills to implement democratic initiatives in their home communities. Through interactive workshops, hands-on training, site visits and collaborative activities with American participants, B-H students and teachers learned fundamental concepts and practices of American democracy and civil society. Participants developed leadership skills relevant to community development and civic activism and fostered personal relationships with Americans that continue since program completion. Participants also engaged in a range of activities that promoted student leadership in community outreach, peer education and mentoring, volunteer initiatives and multicultural learning. Together with their American counterparts, the delegation took part in simulations, a community service project, leadership training exercises, briefings, group discussions, and classroom visits. Each participant worked through goal-setting exercises that culminated with collaboration on a strategic action plan for individual and group projects to be implemented upon return home to Bosnia-Herzegovina. Cultural activities and time with host families provided exposure to various aspects of American life.> More

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