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Small grant project within Montenegro Civil Society Project

Montenegro | Montenegro Civic Education Project | 18 Jul 2023

The lecture was given by Petar Marašević - an expert from the Police Administration of Montenegro. Present were police officers representing PJ Plav, PJ Beran, PJ Andrijevica, PJ Gusinja and PJ Rožaja. The aforementioned lectures at these trainings were related to topics from the field of "Trafficking in Human Beings". The following topics were covered in the first module: • Phenomenology of human trafficking, • Causes and processes of human trafficking • Recruiting and recruiting • Short documentary film about recruitment methods • Forms of exploitation (sexual, work, begging, underage marriages...) • Trafficking in children While the second training module talked about: • Identification of potential victims of human trafficking and its goals • General and special indicators • Indicators for different forms of exploitation • Indicators in children • Organization of support and protection of potential victims • Proving the criminal offense of human trafficking • Evidence actions The training took place interactively, and most of the talk was about concrete problems in the work with the sharing of examples from practice that could be used in further work.