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News | Program: Transcaucasus Professional Development for Teachers of English Language

First Phase of TPD-TEL Program Concludes with the Final Conference | 5 Dec 2016

TPD-TEL Program English Language Conference was held in Yerevan on December 3, 2016. This event gave the teachers a chance to showcase their successes, ‘try on’ the teacher trainers’ suit and demonstrate new learning acquired throughout the program. As demonstrated by conference presentations, the TPD-TEL group made tremendous strides towards becoming effective teachers and even teacher trainers. The overall ability to plan a lesson/workshop with a lesson/activity demonstration followed by processing was strong. 

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TPD-TEL Program Hosts Summer Institute | 6 Jul 2016

On July 1-5, 2016 the TPD-TEL program hosted a Summer Institute at the Arthurs Aghveran Resort in Armenia. Eighteen teachers from Abkhazia; Georgia and Armenia and 10 Armenian Access program students participated in a 4-day follow-up camp which included further training, teaching and observations. The purpose of the 4-day Summer Institute was to further develop the teaching skills of the group of Abkhaz, Armenian and Georgian English-language-teachers and build upon the contacts and professional relationships of these three groups. 

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TPD-TEL Winter Camp for Teachers Successfully Starts the First Phase of the Program | 2 Mar 2016

On February 17-27, TPD-TEL Program hosted a Teacher Training Winter Camp (WC) in Armenia. The main goal of the WC was to develop professional and personal linkages between English teachers that have an impact on Georgian, Abkhaz and Armenian youth and to introduce civics-content-based English language learning mechanisms and approaches that expand opportunities for youth to productively interact and engage within and between conflict-affected communities in years to come. 

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