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"We are Equal"

Georgia | Momavlis Taoba - Civic Education Program | 2 Sep 2019

Grade nine students of the village Tamarisi public school #1 in Marneuli municipality initiated to raise public awareness of gender equality. The students conducted reading classes, an essay contest, an exhibition of paintings on gender equality. The best works of the students were compiled to make a book of it. Later, the students arranged a meeting with Nona Samkharadze, a representative of Marneuli Democrat Women's Society and a gender specialist to talk about gender-related issues. Finally, short thematic videos were showed and discussed at the school. “Working on the project has changed my awareness of gender issues. I have realized that childcare, dishwashing, housekeeping are not the only responsibilities of women. All the household work must be equally shared in the family. During the project implementation I gained new skills - writing a project, developing a questionnaire, interviewing and to use modern technologies” – said Mikheil Sakhiashvili, a civics student of village Tamarisi Public School #1.

Mini-grant project "We are Equal" was implemented in the framework of USAID funded “Momavlis Taoba” program.