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GLSP Exchange Team Visits the State of Vermont

Georgia | Georgian Legal Socialization Project | 3 May 2010

GLSP organized a professional exchange to the US between January 28 and February 11, 2010. Six Georgian professionals participated in the exchange: Giorgi Gakheladze, GLSP Expert/ Civic Education Expert at the Ministry of Education and Sciences; Lia Giagauri, Director of the GLSP Public School #165; Natalia Zazashvili, Psychologist/ Director of “Saphari” NGO; Zurab Tvauri, Chief of the District Inspectors Division in Tbilisi at the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia; Ramaz Gavarjaladze, Deputy Head of Adjara Police, and Nana Ioseliani, GLSP Coordinator.

The exchange group was welcomed by Renee Berrian, GLSP US Manager, Derek Miodovnik, GLSP Consultant and Ann Martin, Executive Director of PH International. Among other important officials, the exchange participants also met with Stacey Jolles, Director of Vermont Juvenile Justice Department for Children and Families and Rae Ann Knopf, Deputy Commissioner of Vermont Department of Education, who provided an overview of Vermont juvenile justice system and education structure.

During the exchange the GLSP participants were hosted by Geoff Wyman, a TV Producer at the Chittenden Community Television (CCTV) Channel 17 and a CJC volunteer. Then the exchange participants were interviewed at a local talk show to discuss GLSP and their exchange experiences (See

The exchange program provided the participants with first hand experience on several successful restorative justice models, such as School Resource Officers, Community Justice Centers and School Based Youth Reparative Boards. Based on the practices observed in America, GLSP will:

a) Launch community justice centers in Georgia. The first CJCs will be launched in Tbilisi, Kutaisi and Batumi (one CJC per location);

b) Lobby for the establishment of School Resource Officer positions at the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Ministry of Education and Sciences;

c) Pilot the Police Youth Explorer clubs at select GLSP schools.