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GLSP Conducts Series of Training Workshops in Kutaisi and Batumi

Georgia | Georgian Legal Socialization Project | 5 Nov 2009

On October 6-9, 2009, GLSP organized two-day trainings in Kutaisi and Batumi for local teachers and police officers participating in the program this year. Eight teachers and ten police officers were trained in Kutaisi and eleven teachers and eight police officers attended the workshop in Batumi. The training for Teachers and Law Enforcement Officers was delivered by the GLSP experts from the Ministry of Education and Sciences– Giorgi Gakheladze and Nino Eremashvili, who are the authors of the GLSP Manual “Legal Culture”. At the training participating teachers and law enforcement officers were introduced to effective teaching methodologies and teamwork tips to ensure maximum effectiveness of the lessons to be delivered by a Civic Education teacher and a law enforcement officer as a team to the ninth graders of the selected schools within the framework of the Georgian Legal Socialization Program. The course of the training was very dynamic and included group discussions, brainstorming, role plays and even an imitated court session. By the end of the training, participants were impatient and enthusiastic about delivering the “Legal Culture” lessons together and using the knowledge and skills acquired during the workshop. In the second half of October 2009, trained teachers and police officers will get actively involved in “Legal Culture” curriculum implementation in all the 40 schools participating in the program throughout the country.