PH International

ACETT Start-Up Conference in Georgia

Georgia | Applied Civic Education and Teacher Training (ACETT) program for Georgia | 12 Aug 2010

On August 12-13, 2010, a start-up conference for the ACETT program was organized by PH International at the Center for Consultancy and Training (CTC) in Tbilisi. The goals, objectives and planned activities of ACETT were introduced to the audience during the event. Program staff, along with local partner NGOs and field experts, discussed problems prevalent in Georgian civic education, and participated in collaborative planning of ACETT activities to address those problems. During the opening ceremony, attendees were welcomed by Joakim Parker, USAID Deputy Mission Director, Irina Kurdadze, Deputy Minister of Education and Science, and Ann Martin, Executive Director of PH International. The conference was attended by George Vashakidze, USAID AOTR, as well as PH International staff, representatives from the Teacher Professional Development Center and National Curriculum and Assessment Center of the Ministry of Education and Science of Georgia, curriculum experts, and CTC staff. The event also attracted widespread media coverage.