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“Video Blogging” and “Debate Skills” trainings for Access Students

Armenia | AM Tavush Outreach | 10 May 2022

As an important effort to maximize the impact and sustainability of the resources created within the “AM Tavush Outreach Project”, the “American Library and Training Center” (ALTC) in Ijevan initiated trainings on “Video Blogging” (April 25-28, 2022) and “Debate Skills” (April 19, 20 and 22, 2022) for English Access Microscholarship Program students.

The trainings were conducted by the selected trainers previously enrolled in ALTC ToT on “Video Blogging” and “Debate as Basis for Formation of Civil Society”, who successfully transferred the knowledge gained at both trainings to Access students.

Thus, trainings on “Video Blogging” and “Debate Skills” were conducted for Ijevan Access students and a training on “Debate Skills” for Bagratashen and a group of 20 most motivated students from Noyemberyan, Kogb and Berdavan communities.

As a follow up to the training on “Debate Skills”, on May 4, 5 and 6, 2022 Debate Contests were organized in Ijevan, Koghb and Bagratashen communities on the following topic: “Students should learn everything at school: homework should be eliminated from educational processes”.